Monday, May 17, 2010

Why My 2yo is on Twitter

Yes, Kukka has a Twitter account & has 20 followers so far. Please note that I didn’t put any kind of pressure on her followers. They followed Kukka because they wanted to. Surprisingly, Kukka’s followers are not entirely mutual as mine. 5 of them are total strangers to us. But they’re following Kukka anyways. I think that’s sweet. Since Kukka’s tweets are...childish? :)

She used to blog (Godsend) when she was still in the womb. But now, since she has a lot of things to learn, she couldn’t find the time. So instead, she microblogged :D Her blog had a lot of visitors too. Yang komen emang sedikit tapi surprisingly, silent readers-nya banyak. Beberapa temen sampe ada yang extra nge-buzz di YM hanya untuk memuji “tulisannya” Kukka. Kebanyakan perempuan & banyak yang bilang mereka enjoy banget bacanya, bikin terharu & ketawa, kadang juga sampe bikin nangis. Ngga sedikit juga yang nyaranin aku untuk bikin blognya Kukka jadi buku. Dari situ banyak juga yang nanya, kok aku sampe kepikiran (& punya waktu :p) untuk bikin blog Godsend. Ditambah sekarang, Kukka nge-tweet :p

Well, awalnya Godsend aku tulis cuma buat aku sendiri. I started writing it when I was 3 months pregnant with Kukka. Idenya udah kepikiran dari sebelum hamil. Tapi direalisasiinnya baru setelah 3 bulan. Why? Because I didn’t want to write something yang bisa bikin aku sedih hancur berantakan kalo sampe ada apa-apa dengan kehamilanku waktu itu. “3 months” is the magic number (of pregnancy months). It’s when everything is supposedly “safe”. After that, I shared it with my husband. Aku lupa komentarnya Ica exactly. What I still remember is, he was enjoying Godsend too. Besides, it helped Ica to keep up & learn about what was going on with me. Since he was tooooo lazy to read the babybooks (tsk.. MEN!!!) Ngga tau gimana, Godsend’s readers grew and grew. Lots of people knew about Si Baiyi :) I... Err.. Kukka :D posted her month-to-month growth, USG pictures, her first experiences etc. Sayangnya, setelah lahir Kukka ngga pernah update blognya lagi. Padahal ada banyak hal yang pengen di-share. & so her geeky-internet junkie mom signed her up on Twitter :D Sejak saat itu Kukka bisa share her pictures, kata-kata pertama, ability terbaru dll. Ok, tapi buat apa? Pamer ke seluruh pelosok dunia maya bahwa anaknya bisa ini-itu? Difoto di sini-di situ?

Honestly, buat aku :) Sure. Orangtua mana yang ngga enjoy & pengen pamerin anaknya setiap detik :p Tapi Godsend & @kukkaiko dibikin purely for selfish reason.

“Memory can change the shape of a room; it can change the color of a car.
And memories can be distorted. They're just an interpretation, they're not a record,
and they're irrelevant if you have the facts.”

- Leonard Shelby: Memento-

That’s why aku pengen simpen semuaaa hal yang berhubungan dengan Kukka di suatu tempat yang bisa aku akses kapanpun, dimanapun. Suatu hari nanti aku pengen tau kapan & lagi apa aku pas Kukka pertama kalinya nendang perutku dari dalem. Semuanya ada di blog. Kalo dia udah besar, nanya kapan bisa ngomong “Castle”, aku punya tweet-nya dengan tanggal yang akurat. Tinggal klik hashtag #wordinprogress, voila! Bahwa ternyata banyak juga yang menikmati, I take it as a sweet bonus. So, yes. My 2yo is on Twitter because & for her mother. I hope when she grows up, she’ll not be too embarrassed by it :)

Oh but no, Kukka doesn’t have an FB account. At least not until she’s 17 :D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What’s Your Relationship Kryptonite?

I believe that every relationship has one thing, or more, that could turn the relationship into a ticking bomb & makes the love go weak, if not...dead. A relationship kryptonite.

Probably the most common relationship kryptonite is THE Ex lover. That one particular ex who keeps haunting you & your lover. The one who seems like he/she can’t let the two of you be in love in peace. The one who keeps calling & texting, asking totally “ngga penting” questions. And now since that god damn Facebook is around, it keeps easier for the ex to annoy you by commenting on your lover’s status or photos. I’ve “dedicated” a whole post about this one :p Read Neverending Problem Mantan if you’re interested.

After the Ex Factor, there’s a Friend Factor. I’ve blogged about this too (Karma Drama). About a “friendly” relationship of the opposite sex. A friend of mine commented on my post “Kalo kata temen gue, punya temen baru lawan jenis, di usia kita sekarang, dan jadi temen deket is bullshit!” Yet, there’s no way you can forbid your lover not to have (opp sex) friends, no? There you go. Another kryptonite :)

Then in some cases, there’s an intimacy issue. You’re into each other but as you get ‘closer’, there’s this kyrptonite. It could come in a form of bad body odor, an ugly handicap, bad habit or a sick addiction...

And what about a dark past? That can be a relationship kryptonite too, can it? You think as time goes by, you can handle or even forget his/her ugly past. But who are you kidding? Bad memory combined with suspicion are like cancer. It spreads in your every thought and it eats you alive. And at a certain point, you’ll explode and your relationship dies.

So, what? Better not to have a relationship at all and spare yourself all the sadness and depression? That’s for you to decide ;)

As for me, I’m a mostly happily married woman with the most beautiful daughter in the world. Bad things happened, yes. And sometimes there’s nothing I can do about it. But good things are happening more each day. So, I vote for relationship and try to be as far as I could from the kryptonite :D