Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcoming Another K

Once upon a time there was Kity Perry, a 4 months persian kitten with long, dark grey, silky coat. She was our first pet. Inspired by Touch Pets Cats, a cute game on iPad, Kukka asked her Bapa for a kitten. Eventho I thought she was too young to have a pet, Kukka’s dad bought her one anyway. Obviously Kukka was very excited. She was the one who named the kitten. Berhubung menurutku namanya terlalu biasa, apalagi buat kucing model begini, aku tambahin “Perry” supaya kerenan dikit :D

Kity Perry is a cute kitten. But unfortunately she’s one scary cat, literally. It took nearly 2 weeks for her to get used to us, the household & everyhing. After a month or so she felt more comfortable. She would followed us around the house, let Kukka carry her around, petted her, kissed her. But even after months Kity was still easily scared. She would hissed if we suddenly approached her. Yang bikin Kity jantungan tuh kalo didatengin Kukka :)) Kukka lari mendekat dan teriak histeris. Jelaslah Si Kity itu stresss! Aku aja suka kaget kalo denger suara Kukka teriak. Not to mention the loud stomping of her chubby feet. 

The worst part was Kity would hide or sleep under the sofa for hours. Nah ini parah banget buat kucing berbulu panjang dan tebal model Si Kity. Soalnya badannya jadi lembab dan gampang kena jamur. Alhasil Si Kity jamuran dan aku dibikin repot karena harus bolak-balik ke dokter. Belum sembuh dari jamur, Si Kity pake pilek pula. Tiap hari harus dicekokin tablet. Ribet banget deh! But Kukka loved Kity nonetheless. I loved Kity too but I really thought she wasn’t the right one for Kukka. I thought about selling her but Ica said to just give her away to someone who’s more mature and suitable to her personality. Dasar emang udah takdir. Ngga pake susah nyari, eh ketemu juga orang yang cocok :) So after being a part of our family for about 4 months, Kity finally found a better home. 

Kukka and I missed Kity a lot. Well, I missed Kity :) I missed having her curling on my lap while I was working on my computer. I missed watching Kukka having a conversation with Kity. I missed having a pet around. Long story short, setelah dapet restu dari Pa Boss, I began looking for another kitten. And along comes Kwazii :)

Kwazii is a 1.5 months old Maine Coon kitten. Yes, a Maine Coon :D Yang ngga tau Maine Coon, coba klik link ini ;) I don’t know how big he’s going to be and I really don’t care that much. Because this little boy is just the cutest. He has thick, grey-silverish coat and I swear he’s starting to grow a mane :D 

Personality Kwazii jauh banget sama Kity. Yeah I’m a bad mother. I can’t help to compare them coz I’m in love! Kukka is also ecstatic. Dia juga tuh yang ngasih nama. Hari ini baru hari kedua tapi Kwazii udah manja setengah mati. Despite of being handled by Kukka quite roughly, dia tetep aja ngikutin kita kemana-mana. He seems cool with the fact that Kukka sometimes still squeezes him too hard or holds him upside down (butt up, head down). Kwazii keliatan cuek meski dikejar-kejar Kukka yang teriak histeris kesenengan. Dia malah kaya balik nantangin, dengan bodi melengkung dan bulu berdiri. Dia sama sekali ngga keliatan takut sama Kukka. While Kukka is having dinner, he would curled up near her feet and sometimes bite Kukka’s chubby calves. Yang betisnya digigitin juga sama cueknya. Tetep asik makan sambil nonton TV :D And I think Ica loves Kwazii too. Tadi malem malah disuruh tidur sekamar sama kita. So I guess when it comes to his daughter and her pet, Ica is such a softy :p 

So here is Kwazii, named after a character from one of Kukka’s favorite cartoons, Octonauts

Let’s hope that he will live a long, healthy and happy life with us :)