Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Message To A Newly Wed

The other day, I had a conversation with a newly wed. The husband. I asked how married life has been treating him so far. He said one of the best thing about being married is that after a long hard day at work, he can go home, meet his wife & has the right to be a nagging, grumpy, exhausted husband. He got to complain about the little things & got away with it. I was confused because my friend is one of the nicest guys I know & his wife is also a working woman. He said to me “Hey, that’s what a wife is there for. Right?”

I said “What the fuck?!?”

After that I spent the last 20 minutes of our conversation lecturing him, if not yelling. I was so pissed by his way of thinking. Got more annoyed because I know that he’s not the only one who’s thinking this way. Since I’m married & became a mom, I have the privilege to work whenever & wherever I want. I got to experience a little bit of every side of being a wife. So, here's the thing.

Mungkin bisa SEDIKIT dimengerti kenapa banyak orang menganggap bahwa jadi ibu rumah tangga itu ngga cape, ngga sibuk, banyak waktu luang untuk santai & selalu bisa bobo siang. Well, I have news for you, boys (& some girls) We don’t. Sure, some of us have maids & babysitters. Some of us are lucky enough ngga harus nyapu, ngepel, nyuci & nyetrika. Many of us can just order & point to the things you kids should eat & nunggu anak selesai disuapin. But YOU try & run the household for a month. No, I give you a week. A whole week to manage the house & its staffs with their “unique” behaviours, trying to raise a healthy happy smart child, do some work for extra allowance, taking care of yourself, mentally & physically, then occasionally trying to still have a life outside the house.

As for the working wife... Well, do I really need to make a list here??

To you, my dear friend, I say it once again. Yes, a wife is there for you to share your ups & downs. She’s there to comfort you when you tell her about the things that make you angry. She’s there to jump for joy when you tell her how great things were at work. She’s there to take care of you when you’re sick, brightens your day when your mood is down. She’s there for you for whatever & whenever.

But please keep in mind that not only you’re obliged to do the same things for her, most importantly, always remember that a wife is there for you to love.