Friday, June 24, 2011

A Brother's Love

Could a little sister be loved by her big brother more than this?
I don't think so either :)

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Closer to the end yet still far from being wise. Or patient. Not to mention "mastering" even the lowest level of sincerity, being ikhlas. I'm 35 years old yet I'm still having a hard time to accept the fact that sometimes life doesn't go as you've planned or wished it to be. Then I would cry. Asking God for more. To think that for 35 years I've been blessed with so many things...

The most loving parents & siblings. Faithful friends. Good health. Great clothes. Delicious food. Comfortable car. Wonderful home.

A husband & a daughter... And not just like any other. They're the too-good-to-be-true kind of people, whom I get to see every morning as I open my eyes & I can be with almost whenever I want to. They're the most beautiful human beings I've ever seen. Yet I'm still wanting more.

Today I'm turning 35 years old & I'm ashamed.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Kukka,

By the time you’re able to read this, (hopefully) you’d find lots of other “letters” from me, written with overwhelming love & tons of pride to you, my precious little Godsend. I will start with this one, to mark a special day. The day when you successfully slept through the entire night without a diaper :)

It’s been 2 months since you’ve pottytrained. Amazingly, you made it look so effortless. Sure, you’ve peed on the bathroom floor instead of the toilette. And you still squat on the toilette seat during pooping. But it’s a big progress :) These past 2 months, you’ve been wearing diapers only when you were sleeping & when we’re going out.

But last night, as I was putting on you pj, I was tempted to skip the diaper & straight to the panties. I put your blue plastic mat under the bed sheet & reminded you over & over again that you were not wearing any diaper. That you should hold your pee until morning & that you should wake up Mba Iis if you did want to pee. You stopped reading your book & touched your cute butt. No diaper: checked! :)) Then you nodded & said to me “Ok, Bubu.” Of course, I was preparing for the worst. Like being woke up by Mba Iis in the middle of the night because you were all wet & crying. But I slept through the night safe & sound.

And this morning, as I opened my bedroom door, there you were, greeting me with the sweetest smile & cutest voice “Good morning, Bubu!”. You were enjoying your breakfast & watching tv, still in your pj. Which meant only one thing: you didn’t pee on the bed. Yeaaaaaaaay!!! If only you knew how proud I was of you... You didn’t know but I shed some tears when I hugged you. Totally lebay, I know. Wait, you don’t know what lebay means? Of course. What year is it now (your time)? I AM your mother but I couldn't predict the "in" words in the future :p

So, you’re a big little girl now, Kukka. No more diapers during sleepy time, okay? :) And if you did miss a night or 2 & wet the bed, it’s totally fine, don’t you worry. Next month or even less, let’s try going out without wearing one, okay? I’ll be at least tweeting about it to let you know whether it was a successful event or not :))

Always know that in every breath I take, there’s love & prayers only for you, My Little Godsend. Goodbye for now.