Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To my dearest, perfect stranger

What I'm feeling for you right now is beyond words. 
All I can say is I'm so, so, so happy for you. 
And thank you so much for choosing me as your "safe place" to share. 
Please know that I will always be right here. 
Ready for more joy and tears and everything. 

*super big hug*

Friday, September 16, 2011


It was a nice evening. Something or someone called me to go outside. Out from the house, whose I wasn’t very sure. There was a big meadow in front of it. But I could still see the neighbors’ houses. The neighbors started to come out from their houses too and we all gathered in the big meadow. Everybody was looking up to the sky.

The sky. 

It was the most beautiful night sky I’ve ever seen. It was pitch black yet clear and full of sparkling stars. I never saw that many stars before in my life. We were admiring the stars when we finally realized the gigantic, beaming, pale ball on the right side of the sky. It was so enormous as if you could’ve touched it. It took us seconds to finally realize that the pale ball was actually the moon. 

The moon. 

It was so close to the earth I could see the smallest holes on its ground. I was mesmerized. We were all are. It was incredible. Its beaming light drawn us to get closer and closer. The neighbors and I started to walk towards the moon. Some, I remembered, were even reaching out their hands. Trying to touch it excitedly. I was right there behind them, also wanted to get myself nearer to the moon. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. But then I realized. The moon was really THAT close to us. So close that we could ACTUALLY touch it. I was immediately alarmed yet not fast enough to react. The next thing I could remember was the bump. 

The bump. 

It was the strongest bump I’ve ever encountered. Seconds later my neighbors were starting to scream. The most terrifying scream I’ve ever heard. They were like a crazy hoard of mad cows. Running here and there, trying to save their lives. Me? 

I just stood there. Staring at the moon as it continued to crash into earth. I fell. I stumbled. And as I was tossed to the air I finally got it. This was it. It was the end of the world. We were all going to die. Vanished. Forever. And as I finally grasped the concept of the end of days, all I could think of was the fact that my daughter was experiencing the same terrifying things on that very moment too. And she was alone. I wasn’t by her side when Doomsday arrived. 

Then I remembered I began to cry. I was devastated that I couldn’t keep my promise to her. That I would never, ever leave her alone in fear. Yet now, when the world began to crumble, she was all alone. And so was my husband. 

I cried and I cried and I cried. And I believed before the end of days came to an end, I was already dead by then. I died because of a broken heart. So shattered because I broke my promise to my baby and that I couldn't be with the loves of my life until the very end. 


Tears. Racing heartbeats. I opened my eyes and there they were. Still sleeping peacefully on the left and right side of me. My husband and my daughter. Very much alive. As so was I. And then came the morning sun rays through the windows.

Alhamdulillah... One more day to be with them and to shower them with my love.