Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Allah says

My girl is a curious one. I don’t know about other kids but mine asks questions like you won’t believe. No, really.

My girl is an overly sensitive one. I don’t know about other kids but mine says things she’s not supposed to or could possibly know (yet). 

Sometimes her questions are so simple. But many are too complicated for me to answer. To make my life easier and to make a special bond between her and our belief since early age, I always try to elaborate the existence of Allah SWT. in my answers or statements. Like for example, instead of saying “I will be angry at you if you don’t finish your meal.”, I say “Allah will be very happy and proud of you if... Allah will say Hmmm Kukka deserves a big chunk of chocolate after her meal.”. Or one day she asked "Why is there a sun?", I said "Because Allah said Sun, shine! And help Kukka to grow tall, healthy, and strong so she can do those summersaults she loves so much." 

I'm happy to say that it's working really nicely. Because one time she asked me "Why was I inside your tummy? Did Allah buy me at the baby store and then make you eat me so I can be inside your tummy?". Sometimes it's so hilarious I couldn't do anything but laugh. Like our last night pillow talk:

Kukka : Bubu, why am I a girl? Why am I not a boy?

Me : Because...Allah said you’d make a shalihah woman when you grow up. A woman with a beautiful face and a very very beautiful heart. So Allah decided to make you a girl but with the energy of a healthy and energetic boy!

Kukka : Hahahaha! And why am I alone? Why can’t I have any brothers or sisters? I want 2 sisters and 1 brother!

Me : *blacked out*

Kukka : Why, Bubu?? Why am I alone??

Me : Because......when Allah was about to put you inside my womb, Allah said to me “Bubu, I’m going to give you a daughter. Just one daughter. And she’s going to have your whole heart. I don’t want you to share your heart with another child. Your heart is just for Kukka. Because this one is a very very special girl. Okay, Bubu? You have to love her and take care of her with all your heart.” Allah said that and of course I immediately said yes. 

Kukka : Hahahahah that’s so weird!! But why??

Me : Because Allah sent you to be my guardian angel. You are my godsend, remember? You’re here to be a reminder for me so I will never ever forget to thank Allah for everything. You're here to be the person who I love unconditionally, no matter what. Allah said to you “Kukka, be Bubu’s daughter. A shalihah one. Love her, take care of her, defend her. Be her reason to live and love only because of Me. Make her remember to say My name, all the time. Now, Super Kukka, awake!” And THAT’S how Allah made you Super hero Kukka and then put you inside my womb.

Kukka : WHOA!!! So cool!!! And then I was in your womb and I was swimming and then the doctor cut your tummy and pulled me out. 

Me : Yes! :)))


Kukka : But Bubu... Why don’t I have any wings?? Angels have wings, you know. 

Me : ... Pssst... Did you hear that?? Allah said it’s time to sleep. No more talking. Good night, babycakes... *covering my mouth with a pillow so she won't hear me laugh*

And that’s ladies and gents, is how I get out of conversations gone wild :)))