Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Dying Breed

Dear perfect gentleman, 

Where are you?

Where is the man who opens the doors for women, doesn’t offer to help yet does it anyways, and carries our excess baggages instinctively? Where is he who accompanying us (and waiting!) to the ladies room in the middle of parties and makes sure that his drunk or sick female friends are returned home safely? He who holds our hands while crossing the street, doesn’t kiss-and-tell, and avoids opportunities to be alone with maried women because he respects them (and their spouses)???

No. These things don’t just happen in the movies. I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it. Lucky for me, I’ve met one true gentleman, who is fortunately a dear friend of mine. Yeah. ONE. In my entire adult life I’ve only met one. I’ve heard that men are from Mars. But we’re from Venus!! There’s only one planet that separates us so that makes us practically neighbors, no?!? Is it so hard to treat women nicely? 

Many times I wonder and even worry, why certain men (read: pricks) act the way they do. It’s so sad to think that one day my daughter might find an image of a stereotype-looking perfect gentleman next to a picture of a roaring T-Rex... In a museum. Who is to blame? The mother? The father? The world? 

I realize that not all men are bastards and yes, some women are definitely sluts. Yes, the mother, the father and her world might be the one to blame too. But honestly, I don’t see respectful women are on the verge of extinction like gentlemen do. So, I’m asking you once again, my dear gentlemen. 

Where the hell are you???