Friday, September 09, 2016

Dear Kukka: Animals Don’t Get Married

Dear baby girl... First of all I want to say sorry for writing this story down and published it in my blog but... I just have to. Why? Because like always, whenever it comes to you and your questions are hilarious and cute. So I really want to write it down. So this is what just happened about 15 minutes ago:

You just came home from school and got out of the car. You hadn’t even went inside the house yet and gave me a hug. Why? Because you saw Blob-Blob and Fluffy The Stray Cats in our garden and you noticed them chasing each other. You were really worried. You were afraid that Blob-Blob might hurt Fluffy. So you kept following them and tried to separate them when they were fighting in front of our neighbor’s house. I could hear you from our living room how you scolded Blob-Blob for chasing and scratching Fluffy #LOL But then suddenly I heard you crying. First I thought you cried because Blob-Blob hurt Fluffy. Then I went to the porch and saw you running while holding out your finger.

“Bubuuuuuuuuuuuu! Fluffy scratched my finger!!!!”, you cried and screamed. I’m sorry, baby but yes. When I heard you said that, I couldn’t help not to laugh a bit and smiled a lot. Then when I was washing and taking care of your wounded finger, you told me how it happened.

Kukka: “Blob-Blob was chasing Fluffy and he was going to bite Fluffy on the neck. I said “No, Blob-Blob! Don’t hurt Fluffy! Be nice!” And then I was going to separate them but then Fluffy scratched meeeeee!”

This is when I couldn’t help NOT TO LAUGH. So while hugging you and blowing your wounded finger to make it feel better, I tried to explain why Blob-Blob did what he did to Fluffy. I said maybe they were mating. Mating, you asked. Woops. I just remember how much of a curious girl you are. So yeah... Now I had to explain to you what mating is. I explained to you that mating for animals is like.........marrying for humans? So Blob-Blob and Fluffy were trying to make...kittens. #LOL And then I could see your eyes getting wider and at that second I knew I would get more questions from you. Difficult ones. Yup. My problem. I should’ve wait for Bapa and let HIM explaining all of this to you! So yeah, then your questions and comments kept on coming. These are the ones that I still remember:

Kukka: "Blob-Blob can’t marry Fluffy!!! He already got married to Lulu! He can’t do that to Lulu!! Lulu is his wife! Blob-Blob should be nice to Lulu and not get married with other cats! That doesn’t make any sense! That’s not right! If Blob-Blob is married to Lulu then he’s not allowed to be with other cats! He has to be only with Lulu!!!!”

I’m sorry, baby. But seriously. Your comments made me laugh sooooo loud! I was laughing so hard I got tears in my eyes. Then I tried very hard to stop laughing because I could see it in your face that you weren’t amused. So after I succeeded to stop laughing and apologizing to you, I tried to tell you the possibilities of why Blob-Blob was “naughty” to Fluffy. Believe me, baby! I felt like a total fool when I was explaining this subject to you!!! But yeah, I did tell you that animals do not get married. They’re mating. They are not like us humans. Yes, when a man and a woman get married, they make a vow to ALLAH. So they have to be faithful to each other and not............get married with other man or woman. That’s why it’s called marriage. While animals, they are mating. Which means......they can Which means it’s okay for Blob-Blob not to be faithful to Lulu. Oh god, I am laughing so hard right now in the living room as I’m typing these words!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Call me a foolish mother or whatever, but yes. Those were the words I’ve used when I tried to explain to you the difference between animals and humans, between marriage and mating. Hey, you didn’t give me time to google or whatever! So I did what I did. I said what I said. #LOL When Bapa comes home, ask him. He will give you a much better answer for sure. Anyways after that I could see that you were digesting my explanation and I knew you would comment about it. And yessir you sure did:

Kukka: “Oooooow okay! So if they’re animals it’s okay for a cat to be with other cat because they are not married. They are not husband and wife. But if humans, people, like us, like you and me and Bapa and other people, it’s not okay. Because it’s called marriage. ALLAH will be very angry if husband and wife did what Blob-Blob did to Lulu. Right, Bubu? Okay. Now I get it. But I still don’t understand why Blob-Blob did that to Fluffy. Because Fluffy is also a Blob-Blob's daughter. So he's mating with his daughter.”

WAKWAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!!! Sorry, baby. I’ll be right back! #SiBubupassedout

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

How To Test A Best Friend

Friend. Everybody can be somebody’s friend. Well... Almost everybody. There’s always one or two...or three...or more...who is too much of an asshole to be anybody’s friend. That’s why if you DO have one who matches the definition above, keep him or her close. I consider myself as a very lucky person. I’ve been blessed with lots of friends and some who I can consider as my best ones. I already blogged about this here. Now how do I know which one are my best ones? The easiest way to find out is by seeing the ones who stick around when you hit rock bottom. Then it’s quite safe to say that they are your best friends. Yet there’s another way to test it. How?

Well, this is for those who are already married or at least have a girl/boyfriend. IDEALLY your best friend SHOULD like your partner and it goes the other way around. Right? And life would have been so peachy if they also become best friends. Right? Right?? Imagine how great it would be to spend time all together like eating out, going to the movies or just hanging out while enjoying some cups of coffee. Ah that would be so awesome... Right? Right??? 

Now.... What if....your partner AND your best friend DO NOT LIKE each other???? Even worse... What if they DESPISE one another!?!?! Aaaaaaaand get this!!! They are totally aware of this situation and they don’t even PRETEND to like each other! So yeah... There are (many) times when you have to choose one of them and/or you’ll be stuck in the middle. Not to mention the times when you have to hear them out trashing each other. Sometimes it’s funny. Other times it’s annoying. But yeah... It happens. 

And there's another situation. In this case the friendship involves a man and a woman. This test doesn't involve anybody else but the two of you. Yes. The classic "Can a man and a woman be just best friends" thing. In this scenario you and your friend like each other...too much. Both of you understand each other too well. In many cases it's like you can read each others' mind. You are best friends but... Yeah... Sometimes too much can be just....too damn much. And yes, again, both of you are totally aware of it. 

So this is when the test comes. If things are still normal... If nobody is being weird about anybody... If you still consider each other as friends, good friends, with no hard feelings whatsoever... And even if there is some, you’ll totally understand, you can talk about it to sort it out and in no time you are buddies again... Then I think it’s pretty safe to say that you ARE in fact BEST FRIENDS. So if you do have one or two, keep her/him close. Why? 

Because having a best friend makes your life more fun.  
Because talking to your best friend soothes your aching heart. 
Because being with your best friend creates more precious memories.
And most certainly, last but not least, because a true best friend is rare to find.

Trust me. I know.