Monday, May 29, 2017

Dear Kukka: About Religion...

First of all I would like to thank you, baby girl... It's been a long time since my last post. I don't know why but I really didn't have the desire or ideas to write. Not that there wasn't anything interesting going on... I assure you there's a lot! Especially having you and SiBapa by my side :)) Anyways now that "itch" on my fingers and brain is back. Thanks to you. And there's this thing I want to write about.

I can't exactly recall when this all begins but lately you've been asking me a lot of questions about religion. It's quite...surprising because before that you've been asking me a lot about sex. Now? Still but not that much :) First I thought it's because now is fasting month. But then I keep thinking... No. You've been asking me about religion even before the fasting month began. I think it all started because you were so lazy to shalat :)) And once I found out that you were lying to me. You said you already did shalat but I knew for a fact that you hadn't. I warned you not to lie to me again because eventually I would find out (I saw your mukena was still on the same position as before). I told you again that even if I didn't know that you were lying to me, ALLAH SWT would know. You asked me how. I said "Because ALLAH knows about absolutely everything. Before you even have THE INTENTION to lie to me, ALLAH already knows. ALLAH gave you free will, a very smart brain and a very pure heart to make the right decisions. So it's all up to you. Are you going to get points for doing the right things or commit sins for lying and cheating. Your call." You were absolutely in awe :))) Then you asked me about heaven and hell. How heaven looks like and what happens to humans in hell :))))

So yeah... Since then the questions keep on coming. Some made me laugh into tears & some were too difficult to answer. I even asked you for the chance to google first :)) Especially when you ask me about the surahs I read in the Al Quran and the stories about the prophets. I don't know if I ever asked my mom those kind of questions when I was 8 years old. Too bad I can't remember all of your epic questions but some, fortunately I do. Like the ones you asked me in the car today. While laying down on my lap, looking tired and hungry but still with curious eyes, you asked me: "Bubu, why does ALLAH tell us to fast?". I tried to give you a simple explanation. You listened to my explanation and nodded. You also asked me about Hindu, Buddha, Catholic, Protestant, Jesus and "Why does that god look like an elephant?". And after you saw the pictures, you insisted that Hindu's god is a woman. After a while when I thought you were sleeping, you asked "Bubu, if every religion has different god, it means that there's a lot of gods, right? So which god should we believe in? How do you even know that Islam is the right religion?"

I was like... Oh, baby!!! Isn't it too early to ask me these kind of questions??? On an empty stomach too!!! :)) I could even see the big grin Mas Ari had from the rearview mirror! At that time all I could was hugging and kissing you. But after giving you a simple answer, I reminded you again (and again and again) that you could come to me and ask me about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. That nothing is off limits between us. And if I don't have the answers yet, please give me time to think and to look for them. You said "Okay, Bubu. I love you. And I know that you love me too..." 

Yes, baby. Because that is what matters the most. And then we kissed and hugged...