Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Inktober 2018: DONE!!!!

Finally!!!! I did it! I FINALLY FINISHED INKTOBER 2018!!!! :)))) I've tried doing this one-month-drawing thing since a long time ago yet I always failed to finish it. But in the beginning of this year's October I promised myself to do it again. AND THIS TIME I FINISHED IT!!! :))) Not that I want to promote or gloat or anything... But I think personally it has something to do with doing it on an iPad and using Apple Pencil :D Why?? Well... First of all it's more practical. When I go out I didn't have to add more stuff inside my bag. No drawing book and a pencil case. What do I already have in my bag? Oh just the usual... Like a wallet, pills, iPad, chargers, a novel, sometimes my diary and some women stuff. Yes. I do carry around a big bag :))

Anyways... The Inktober2018... Yes. I did it and it was a lot of fun! Sometimes I couldn't stop drawing! I could draw 2 dates in 1 day. Many times I couldn't stop drawing even if it was already past midnight. And I'm very sorry to say that every so often I even kind of negleted my precious Godsend :D I found the Official Inktober Prompt List on Pinterest. I started to draw and failed. Then I tried to do it again and again and again. But nope! Couldn't do it :))) It turned out I'm not THAT talented. But I refused to give up. Then it occured to me that the main reason I gave up was because I didn't have any idea what to draw really... :)) After some time I had this idea. I decided to cheat by searching-looking-copying from other people's drawings. I searched on instagram, Pinterest and Google Images, everywhere. I was amazed by how many people have done the Inktober and their drawings are astonishing! So many talented people out there! At the end I decided to just copy the drawings that I like and gave a little changes here and there. Some personal touches if you might say... If you know me very well and pay attention to the drawings, you can see the insights I've put in them. So yeah... That's basically how it started! Everyday I checked the list of Inktober 2018, searched for drawings that I really liked and copied them one by one. One day, one drawing :D

Copy... Sound so easy but trust me! IT'S NOT!!!! Especially if you have high expectations of yourself. Of your ability, your discipline, your concentration, etc :))) The drawings that I liked were obviously so beautiful, creative and many of them are extremely complicated to even copy it!!! But I tried. How hard have I tried? Well... Check them out, in random order :)

Now these... Are my personal favorites. Why? Oh just because :)

And finally today.... It's DAY 31: SLICE

The last time I went for a check up, I told dr. Rocksy about this "project" and she was quite impressed when I showed her my drawings. To dr. Rocksy my drawings were...very informative. This activity is good for me because it involves a lot of things. One of them is boosting my confidence, which apparently I'm quite lack of. And also by looking at some lines that I did, my doctor could see that my hand was shivering while drawing. Some lines are tolerable. But some... :( I told her some lines were so "jiggly" I almost use a ruler! :)) 

So... This is it. Finally I would like to thank everybody who had encouraged me and showered me with very sweet and generous compliments about my drawings. I would also thank the people whose drawings I've copied. Now all I have to do is find a new project to draw. Or... Finish my writing which have been neglected for a long time. Wish me luck! :)