Monday, March 25, 2019

KESTINGRUM: Casting Dari Rumah

My husband, or as some of my loyal readers might now him as SiBapa, is a...complicated man. You can't really describe him with just one word or two. For example SiBapa can be very lazy. So lazy that he often does nothing but playing DOTA all day long and finishes his job at the very last minute. But when he's being productive, SiBapa just won't stop doing the things he does until it's done. And it has to be good. Everything has to meet his standards which are often quite unusual. If things don't go according his way, SiBapa can be a really pain in the butt to work with. That's why I never want to work with or for him :p But SiBapa, from what I've heard, is also a very cool person to work with. He enjoys teaching to those who are eager to learn. He's very smart, very funny and he will tell you things as it is. If your idea sucks, SiBapa will tell you in your face. Then he lets you think by yourself to make your ideas better after giving you some hints. Many times he'll help you by offering some solutions or at the end even his ideas. And so far, SiBapa's ideas from what I've heard are... Not disappointing :p

SiBapa enjoys his work as a commercial director but he's never satisfied. He always wants more. Not long ago practically out of the blue SiBapa wanted to make t-shirts. What did he do to make it happen? He bought a Screen Printing Rotary Press. It's a machine which you can print stuff on t-shirts. Does he sell any t-shirts? Not that I know of. But Kukka did! There was this school project which she had to earn some money. What did Kukka do? Made t-shirts using SiBapa's machine :)) Alhamdulillah lots of friends and families bought Kukka's t-shirts and the money was donated to her school for the expedition to Gunung Padang. Not bad 'eh? :)

Anyways... SiBapa has been directing television commercials for 9 years now. You might know his TVCs such as Ramayana, Tokopedia, Aqua, etc. For many years of experiences SiBapa often work with the same team, same people, including the talents/models who act in his commercials. Sometimes it's a must but many times he also has to use the same talents because of the lack of choices. But SiBapa believes that somewhere out there, there must be lots of people who actually can act. It's just a matter of finding the people and giving them the opportunities. Then one day SiBapa had an idea of making an application called Kestingrum. What is Kestingrum? Now before I tell you about it, please don't consider this blogpost as a promotional act :)) I don't do that. Not even for my beloved husband. I write about Kestingrum because objectively speaking, I think this is a brilliant idea. How do I know that it is brilliant? Well... I did work in advertising for many years. I still remember how we use the same talents over the years again and again and again. And it still pisses me off! You can even see it on tv, right??? Oh this is the guy from commercial A! Oh look! There he is again on commercial B! And on and on and on. BOOOOORING!!!! And so after lots of hours of hard work, here is SiBapa's latest thing:

Kestingrum is a free application which you can download from Apple App Store or Google Play on your smartphone. It's an app which will let you know if there's any vacancy as a model for a tv commercial. If there is a cast wanted, Kestingrum will let you know everything that you have to do and you can post your action on the app. If you're selected, congratulations! If not... Well... At least you don't have to spend hours in traffic or standing in lines in some office which is far away from home. Then when it's finally your turn, it only lasts for one minute or maybe even less. Yup! Casting can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. It also costs a lot of money. Then the worst thing happen: after probably days of waiting in vain, you find out that you're not selected!! :( But now all you have to do is download the app Kestingrum, look for the jobs you want, follow the instructions, find a nice spot at home to act, upload your video and wait for the announcement. You can also find Kestingrum on Facebook, Youtube and follow its instagram account: @kestingrum.

SiBapa is very passionate and proud of Kestingrum. I must say it's been quite a long while since the last time I see him so eager doing a project like this. There were days (and still) when all he talks about is Kestingrum and as his wife, I totally support him. There are days when I see him very exhausted. But then I hear him making jokes and laugh outloud with his team while working on Kestingrum. So I assume everything is going great. It's March 2019 and SiBapa has already done so many things. Who knows what he has in his mind for years to come. I, the wife, will just let him surprise me. Like always ;)

Oh! As a bonus, here is SiBapa talking about talents: 

Enjoy! :p

Monday, March 18, 2019

Doc. Rocksy Menjelaskan:

"..... Wah banyak sekali (kejangnya)! Masih 6 minggu yang lalu kita ketemu... Gula darahnya bagus. Tekanan darah normal. Saya kasih Riklona 1/2 selama 30 hari ya untuk bantu tidur.. #etc

...... Saya pengen ibu ketemu sama pasien saya yang depresi, ngga mau ketemu siapa-siapa, ngga mau makan, ngga bisa tidur, benar-benar depresi. ......... #etc"

Shit. I accidentaly stopped the recording because I wanted to show her the videos while I was having the seizures. The recording stopped just like that. God damn it. I really have to remember that this might happen. Or even better, iPhone SHOULD START MAKING IT HAPPEN! But I told her my... Theories? About why these seizures happened at these times.

Other than that, today's session didn't take very long. No EEG or any other tests than checking up my blood sugar level. I told dr. Rocksy about Eza wanted to take Daddy to see her. She said anytime. Daddy will be prioritize because that's what the hospital does for elderly - emergency patients. So it means that Daddy doesn't have to wait too long for her. I also got the authorized letter to bring medicines to another country. dr. Rocky told me to have fun. She always does. And this time I really want to bring something back for her. Something pretty :)

Another nice thing I encountered today was when the nurse asked my birth of date and stuff, she said that I looked too young to be 43. I thought you're in your early or tops mid 30s, seriously, not kidding. That's what the nurse told me. I laughed hard, showed her my grey strands and said thank you. On my way home I successfully took a nap in the car. After lunch I spent about 2.5 hours nap in the bedroom.

So in overall, today has been going well. Alhamdulillah.