Friday, November 18, 2005

Pillow Talk

X : Honey...
Y : Hmmm...
X : Are you happy? Do you feel happy...with me?
Y : Yes, I do. Unless you’re making it impossible for me to be happy.
Why did you ask?
X : Nothing. Just because.
Y : Nothing is “just because”.
There would be no smoke without fire.
There’s always a reason for something to happen. Like now. So really, why did you ask?
X : Hmmm… I guess I just feel happy right now and wondering whether
you feel the same way as I do.

(long pause)

Y : I’m digesting your answer now. I want to make sure that it made
sense… Well, it does.
X : If one day, one of us doesn't feel happy, should one tell the truth
to the other?
Y : Yes.
X : Okay. Good nite, honey...
Y : Good nite, babe...

(smiling with closed eyes)


irwan rouf said...

Ehm...ehm...misi ronda dulu neh...*nglewatin rumah*... ^^

Farika said...

Iiiih..abis ngintip yaaaa??? ;p