Monday, January 30, 2006

The Life-Changing Advice

"Actually there's one simple rule: Meet someone who wants you as bad as you want him/her.
That's all... The rest will follow. There's someone you look up as a god & you get a chance to date him/her, would you do it? Most probably will. But...after that you should be able to figure out whether he/she thinks that he/she is god's gift to mankind (relative to you, of course) or not. If there's no balance, then you'd be better off staying away. There's no such thing as an 'ideal' partner but there must be someone out there that's close to that & the proportion of personality usually wins in the end because fundamentally people don't change.
A kind person will be kind until he/she dies but a good looking one won't be good looking anymore at one point in time, & a wealthy one could be not wealthy anymore at one point in time. Same as someone with a crappy attitude will have the same attitude until he/she dies, fundamentally... Fundamentally people don't change.
If someone makes a fundamental mistake, don't ever take him/her back coz it will just nag you for the rest of your life. It won't be good for the both of you... Better to start from scratch. No, I'm not saying it will always be like that but what happened in the past will always haunt you, that's the main problem... Will he/she do it again? Maybe. There will always be a chance & then you start to be worried whether it will happen again. & worry. & worry. You will get tired of all the worries. It's better to start from scratch. Worrying whether something will happen or not, is very torturous. It eats you up real good. You have to think to be smart & to calculate before you make a move until you come to a point where you just have to take a leap of faith..."

Copy-pasted from a YM conversation between me & someone very special, almost 2 years ago. It still gives a weird effect in my heart everytime I read it.


Akbar Amaru said...

This is conversation between me and Ardhi (Farika should’ve know him)
Me : How you described your soul mate
Ardhi : Smart woman, it’s a must.
Me : Don’t marry with smart woman; tie the knot with woman who loves you.
Ardhi : How if she smart and she loves me?
Me : Well, if she loves you, then she ain’t smart.

gimbal gembil said...