Monday, March 06, 2006

A True Tale of Love

Chapter One
The Beginning

Once upon a time we met
& fell in love.
The world was such
a beautiful place to be,
And most importantly it was
“just you & I”.

Chapter Two
The Self - Introspection

Until one day things didn’t go well,
Which made us went our separate ways.
The hearts broke into pieces and tears ran with pain.
“It was not meant to be..” sadly we said.

Chapter Three
The Inseparable

But who would’ve known
When God has words of His own.
Both love & fate has lead us back,
And the words “I do” would be finally said.

Taken from our wedding invitation,
March 6th 2004
And the love story continues...

Happy 2nd Anniversary, My Love


oca said...

happy anniversary ya freaky,
happy together forever.

BundaZidan&Syifa said...

happy anniversary yaaa...
semoga bahagia terus mengikuti..

salam kenal

Alia said...

Happy anniversary juga yahhhhhhhh :)

What a lovely love story!

Linda Doodoh said...

Happy anniversary ya.. Friky!
Happy togerher forever, too!
GBU both!

Barry said...

Happy Anniversary. Semoga langgeng selalu.

Ecky said...

Frikiii makan-makan donggg (lho) hihihihi... Insya Allah kamu sama Ica langgeng sampe aki-nini ya, amien.

Farika said...

Thanx ya semuaaaaa :D