Thursday, June 22, 2006


Still here, alive and aging

Still happy, well and relatively healthy

Still having a blast and dreaming of a fairy tale life

Still curious of nature and the things it has to offer

Still running around with the same twisted and complicated mind

Still love being in love and being loved

And still think those 2 are the most important thing

So, what’s the difference in being 30, exactly?

Hmm.. Let me see..

I have this great husband and loving families

Great old friends and made friendly new ones

Good job, cool partners and outstanding bosses

Very soon, a house of our own and two little but thrilling achievements

So, what else could I possibly wish for

If I already have (almost) everything a 30 year old woman could ever wanted

Thank You, God

Literally, for everything



iim said...

Selamat ulang tahun.
Wish u all the best, sista :)

dawnsky75 said...

Happy B'day yaa :)
Selamet untuk menang ngarang cerita bobo-nya :)
Semoga bukunya cepat diterbitkan

Alia said...

Happy birthday Farikaaa... =)
Semoga semua cita-citanya cepat tercapai ;)

Farika said...

Makasi banget doanya :)