Monday, March 31, 2008

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Schatz

(reads: Happy 32th Birthday Muniku. Luv Si Istri)

My surprise 32 "The Transformation" cupcakes
for my 32 years old Baby :)

Don't worry too much, Hun...
Aging only makes you (look) better :D

posted waaaay after his actual birthday, on his request (March 27th).
still can't see the point why :p
and NO, i didn't bake those cupcakes :D


alia said...

oh so sweet

ajat said...

Aku makan P, L dan I
He he he he
Kata anak-anak, kenapa SI ISTRI nya digabung dalam satu kue, katanya biar hemat satu kue:P

::son of mount malang::

Dee said...

happy 32nd birthday to your hubby! :) cute cute cute surprise! tanggal ultahnya sama kaya papakuw.. hihi..