Friday, July 04, 2008

Bad Days

Ever feel the need to spill your heart out to someone, but that particular someone is hardly there to listen & talk back to you? And even if the person is there with you, the moment never seems right.’re just too afraid to ruin that small bit of happy moment that you’re finally having & that your words &/ tears would drive that person away...again. Meanwhile, you have all the people in the world, who are willing to listen to you. But sadly, they are not who you this particular moment.

So you end up feeling all sad & depressed when you’re not supposed to be. Feeling alone & lonely when you actually aren’t. Feeling angry & annoyed when you shouldn’t be.

Then what do you do?


Alia said...

I blog :P

adriaticblue said...

Oh yes. Alia blogs alright. Good Lord, does she ever blog.

bucin said...

i wrote the same kind of things that you wrote :)