Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To My Beloved Niece


I just saw your pictures with your junior high friends.
I'm so happy you grow up to be such an outgoing & fun loving girl.
I'm so proud to see that you have lots of interests & good taste on things.

Am sad tho...
Tears are pouring down my cheeks.
I just can't believe you're this big now.
And apparently you already have a boyfriend now? :)

Oh my God...
I don't think I will ever be ready to see you as a grown up.
I'm not sure I want you to.

How can I?
You used to sleep on my chest when you were a baby.
I changed your diapers & rocked you to sleep.

I'm sorry, love.
But to me, you will always be my baby girl :x

And I'll be checking on your so called boyfriend with watchful eyes.
Sorry, but I can't help it :p

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