Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Undream" THE Dream

Have you ever wanted something sooo bad for sooo long, yet still, after an "eternity", it remains just a dream?

You'd picture the scenario in your head a thousand times and more.
And still... No sign of a dream-come-true.
It's been too long you begin to lose hope.
And faith.
And far worse, the DESIRE for it to ever come true.

You become ignorant.
You become bored of waiting.
You shrug your shoulders and start not to care.
And finally, you cheat.
You start dreaming another dream.

And the thing you used to want so badly, becomes so unimportant, when it finally comes to you, you turn your back on it...

And walk away...


enggar said...

ada apa ini tanteee

Farika said...

bosen nungguuuuu :)