Friday, May 29, 2009

(Unawesome?) Awesomeness

Because Exter was sweet enough to give me a “funky gal” award, so I feel really obligated to do this task she gave me. I have to publicize 7 things about me that is considered awesome. So pardon me if I’m being too proud & narcissistic. Ecky asked me to :p

I’m awesome coz the second I was born, I’ve been blessed with a fairy tale life, if not a sinetron imitation :D

I’m awesome coz I’m a girl who knows what she wants, pursues it & doesn’t lose her dignity while doing it.

I’m awesome coz I can love someone like there’s no tomorrow & not afraid to show it to the whole world, every second, every day.

I’m awesome coz I can have a good time if I want to & can stop whenever it’s necessary. Wait... Is “good” the right word? Ex? Help me here, will ya! :p

I’m awesome coz I didn’t need a second thought to decide whether I want to be a working mom or a stay-home mom for Kukka.

I’m awesome coz I can keep my long-time promise, which I’ve made before I even decide to ever get married & have children. To breastfeed my child. It’s been 10 months & I still breastfeed Kukka. Sore & bloody nipple? Pfft... Bring it on!! :p

And I’m super, super awesome coz I have the love of my life as a husband & a beautiful angel as a daughter.

Ah... My awesomeness would be sooo unawesome if God didn’t intervene :)

Now, I tag you to tell me all about your awesomeness:

Neng Keke


Alia said...

Well, hello there Awesome mommy! :D

*tiba2 gak pede nih buat nulis my awesomeness - not as awesome as you Far :)

Farika said...

Oh come on! You have lots of awesomeness to tell, al :)

Ecky said...

Good time eh? Maybe good is not the right word hihihi.

You are awesome because you have awesome friend like me! LOL

1d said...

yes, we are all awesome for our own uniqueness. that's why we should live a beautiful life from now on =)

Farika said...

true, ex... true :*

1d, let's live! :)

Neng Keke said...

You're awesome! No need explanation :)

therry said...

Awesomeness just oozes out of your skin, Friks!!! You totally rock! Now gimme the skull bib! :P

Farika said...

@neng keke: kiss kiss

hahahahahah! yang seneng skull bib kukka apa tante they nih jadinya ;p