Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Mother's Prayer

May Allah SWT bless you with a pure and kind heart,
That goes along with a beautiful face and the prettiest smile.

May Allah SWT give you an intelligent mind and incredible strength,
That will help you survive in this big - fun - yet sometimes mean - world.

May Allah SWT guide your gentle hands to help those who need it,
And grant you a melodious voice to say your prayers.

Happy 1st birthday, my sweet, sweet little angel.

Always remember that in every breath I take,
There's love and never ending prayers,
Only for you.


enggar said...

aku sedih & terharu bacanya
anyway happy birthday little darling!

beingindy said...

Happy birthday, Miss K! :-)


meliwluthfie said...

meng-amini apapun yang ibu farika doakan buat little Kukka.

wullie said...

udah kan ya kasih selamat di plurk ... eh tapi lagi deh :)
Happy belated b'day kukka sayang, ... amien for all ibu's prayers :)

meliwluthfie said...

Seneng banget liat foto Kukka di sini.. she's gorgeus. Cantik banget ..