Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farewell, AA-56

Never thought it would really come to this. The day when we have to say goodbye to our home of 2 years & 8 months. Forgive me for being too melancholy.

But this was our first house where we spent the days as husband & wife. Where I learned to manage a household, complete with a maid & a driver. Believe me, it ain’t easy!! :p

It was also in this house when we were struggling to have a baby. And it was on this 2nd floor where I’ve spent the first 3 months of my long-awaited pregnancy with Kukka. Oh I could still remember how I’ve dreaded those stairs :)

This is the house where Kukka had spent her first years, tasted her first food, learned her first steps & words, & most importantly, here she met her first dear friends.

And in this house is where I’m learning to be a mother.

AA-56, you have witnessed a lot of our tears, joy, laughter & most of all, love. Thank you for being our home.

We will be seeing you :)

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