Friday, December 02, 2011

Instagram: Lovers VS Nyinyir-ers

Instagram. What’s not to love about it? I’m in awe, I’m in love since the moment I signed up. Instagram is one of the reasons why I wanted an iPod in the first place. After sooooo many years I finally WANT to buy one. Of course, after a while I felt that it wasn’t enough. I had to wait until there was a Wi Fi connection to upload a picture. I was too much of an IG addict to wait. So I convinced my husband to buy me an iPhone. Lucky me to have such a generous man :D

I always loved taking pictures but was never really good at it. There was a time when I really wanted to learn and sign up for photography classes. But the idea of using a “heavily-equipped” professional camera made me to think thrice. The thought of having to carry around an extra camera bag when I already carry one big hand bag (sometimes + a diaper bag) and have to hold a toddler’s hand on the other were too much work. Yang ada, belum sempet ngeluarin kamera, obyek yang mau difotonya udah keburu ilang atau kabur :)) I used to take pictures with my BlackBerry Onyx, which came with a decent camera. But that was it. Fotonya numpuk di memory card, upload di FB trus... #kemudianhening 

And then along came Instagram. And the filters. Oh how I love those crazy filters :)) Buat orang yang seneng dan pengen ngutak-ngatik warna-efek foto TAPI NGGA BISA (dan males belajar Photoshop :p) kaya aku, those filter apps are my livesavers. I could spend hours to tweak the pictures. Adding layers of filters, often with different apps. Sounds like lot of work, eh?! It is. But it gives me lots of fun too! Waktu awal-awal kenalan sama aplikasi filter-filter ini, fotoku bisa totally different dari gambar aslinya. Sekarang sih seperlunya aja. Still very much active tapi udah ngga kalap kaya dulu heheh... But I like to think that my pictures are getting better. In terms of the angles dan pemilihan obyek :D

Yang suka bikin aku heran tuh kenapa banyak juga orang yang nyinyir terhadap orang dan foto yang dia posting di IG. Awalnya sering nyela karena ngekonek foto IG ke Twitter. Why does it bother someone so much? Apa bedanya sama nge-TwitPic? Apa karena dianggap nyampah? Nyampah mana sama cuma ngetwit “Males.”? Issue selanjutnya adalah foto yang diupload. Ada yang nyela bahwa IG penuh dengan foto pohon lah, awan lah, sunset lah. Hey, if that person wanted to upload a picture of his own crap in a flowery bowl, just let him do it! 

And as if those weren’t enough, sekarang banyak yang rame nyela soal hashtag. Memang foto yang disertain hashtag bakal lebih banyak di-like dan kemungkinan masuk Popular Page lebih besar. Big deal? Well, actually yes. IG is just another forum for its members to show off. Bedanya sama Twitter, ya cuma output-nya aja. Instead of tweet/text, it’s a picture. Nah apa gunanya pamer kalo ngga ada yang merhatiin? Enak aktif di Twitter tapi ngga ada yang mensyen? Kalo enak, ya nulis diary aja! Kalo cuma mau posting foto tanpa ngarepin komen/like sih ya bikin album aja di rumah. And one more thing about hashtag. Orang paling bego juga tau hashtag itu bisa mempermudah pencarian. Say, I want to see pets’ pictures on IG. I just have to type #petstagram and there they are. So again, why the nyinyirs??? 

A friend of mine once said “Iri aja kali. Pengen ikutan IG tapi ngga punya device-nya.” :)) Well, I don’t know about that. I think some people just like to give nasty comments about other people’s pleasures. It probably is THEIR guilty pleasure. 


Neng Keke said...

"I always loved taking pictures but was never really good at it." --> BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHA...

Sama :D

Farika said...

Ah your pictures are beautiful. Apalagi punya kamera super canggih :)