Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear Kukka: Please Remind Me

The last couple of days I’ve been contemplating about what kind of a mother I want to be for you, my dear child. The best answer I could come up with so far is... Well... The best kind, naturally. But how? 

By being your best friend? By being your “boss”? By giving you the ultimate freedom to choose? By putting restrictions wherever danger could possibly occur? By telling you about absolutely everything? Or by protecting you with lies? 

I am very aware that every angle has its consequences. I realize there will always be someone, something, somewhere, somehow that can hurt you. After all, I can’t protect you But I’m willing to try as hard as I can. And these are the things I can do and have come up so far:

I will never underestimate your feelings nor your intelligence in figuring out things about your personal life and ours.

I will never force you to do the things that I myself can't or won't do. 

I will be truthful to you and will never answer your questions with lies. 
White lies, black lies. No. No lies. 

I will warn you about the evil people and reveal the persons whom you can trust. 

I will respect you, as my only child and as an independent person. 

I will let you decide how you want to live your life. 

I will always show and remind you the right path to choose, Allah’s path. 

I will always try to put myself in your shoes, at that time and in the future. 

I will always make sure you realize, remember and apologize for all the mistakes you make. Big and small. To yourself and others. 

I will always praise you for all the right things you will say and do. 

I will accept and apologize when you tell me that I skip a thing or two which are stated in this list. Intentionally or accidentally.

I promise that we can always talk to each other, 
with minimum judgement and maximum understanding. 
About everything.

Most importantly I will always tell you how much I love you. 
And how much Allah SWT. loves you even more. 


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