Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dear Kukka: Happy 6th Birthday!

Sometimes I wonder, how can this be happening
How can I be this fortunate
How can I be this lucky

I have an angel by my side
One that I can hold
One that I can kiss so lavishly

The kindest, the sweetest
With the prettiest heart above all

She shines like a star
She brightens my days
She's bursting with love
For me, unconditionally

Loved by so many 
And of course, so crazily by me 
She spreads her wings of joy and laughter 
To us all so effortlessly 

Baby, you're it 
You're the one 
The only one for me

You are my inspiration 
You are my definition of love

Happy 6th birthday, my Precious Godsend
My angel of hope, my gift from God

You are the closest to a constant reminder
That I should be grateful to ALLAH SWT
In every breath I take

Remember what ALLAH has blessed you with
Keep counting and nourishing His blessings 
And ALLAH willing, He will only give you more

So much more

My unconditional love and never ending prayers are with you
Forever and always

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