Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Little Queen's Major Dramas

My precious Godsend is 7 years old now. And lately I’ve realized that the year 7 turns out to be the year when more dramas, especially between mother - daughter, is happening. What kind of dramas? Oh, where do I start?!?! #LOL

Let’s start with school drama. 
FYI just a couple of days ago, Hubster & I had to meet Kukka’s teachers. Homeworks problems. Such as missing a lot of deadlines, losing some of the homework paper itself, not understanding what the assignment is and it’s not because she’s not smart enough. Sometimes she’s unable to do the homeworks because she doesn’t even know or remember what the assigment even is. How come??? Well, because she didn’t pay attention AND she didn’t care enough about it. -_- Her teachers told us that our girl likes to daydream and plays pretend in the class all by herself. Many times it looks like she’s talking to somebody who isn’t even there. When her teacher told me those stories, I was grinning widely and screaming inside “JUST LIKE ME!!!!” #LOL Yes! From not-doing-the-homewoks to the daydreaming part. I guess it’s true. Like mother, like daughter. 

Friends Drama. 
My Godsend already has a best friend. Well, I don’t exactly know whether it’s her best friend or not but there’s one particular friend whom she always tells me about everyday. And it’s a boy. A very nice boy :) Polite, well-mannered and smart. After school she tells me stories about what they did together, what they talked about and stuff. Aaaaaand get this!!! The other friends were teasing them! Kukka told me that the other kids teased the two of them about being boyfriend - girlfriend #LOL That they love each other and stuff. Yes!!!! Apparently this drama starts THIS soon!!!! Oh God!!!! When Kukka told me about this I couldn’t help NOT to laugh. I was bursting into laughter until tears were coming out of my eyes. My little girl was so embarassed. She told me to stop laughing and she covered my mouth with her little hands. 

Secret Admirer Drama
One day after school, like always, Kukka told me stories about how her day went. I asked her whether there was something special happening on that day. At first she went quiet. Which was REALLY unusual for her. A couple of seconds later (Yeah.. the “went quiet” thing only lasted like....10 seconds #LOL ) Kukka told me that she received a letter and what she found inside were these words: “I love you, Kukka. From Bobo.” Complete with little love hearts!!! AGAIN!!! I was laughing soooooooooooo hard until my tummy went numb and my voice was gone. I tried very hard to act like a wise mother and started to ask her questions like why do you think somebody gave you a secret letter, do you know who Bobo is, etc. Which after a couple seconds later she replied “I think I know who sent me the letter. But I don’t want to tell you, Bubu.” And she said that she threw the letter away. At first I was kinda upset. I told Kukka that it’s really sad that she’s keeping secret from me, that we should’ve always tell each other about everything. But then I realized that... Well... She doesn’t have to tell me everything. Which leads me to the next point:

Privacy Drama
Yes. I’m starting to teach my daughter about privacy. That everybody deserves his/her privacy. Even a child. About this particular part, I keep reminding her that she should never tell anyone about anything under pressure. That she should always be cautious and ignore the threat like “Awas yaaa kalo ngga bilang nanti ngga dikasih/ditemenin etc blablablabla”. Wherever the threats come from. I realize that although she’s just a little kid, Kukka still deserves her privacy. I want my girl to tell me stuff not because she feels obligated to do it. I want my daughter to share me her stories because she wants to. Because she trusts me. And yes, Kukka knows that I love to write stories about her. And yes, lately, everytime I wanted to write stories about her, I asked Kukka first whether it’s okay or not. “Oh, it’s okay, Bubu. You can write about it.”, she said. And well... Here it is :) But obviously this "respecting privacy" thingy doesn’t always go well #LOL And as a mother, I think, the 5 magic words: “BUT I AM YOUR MOTHER!” will always be in my head and at the tip of my tongue. As much as I want to apply my “wise” thoughts and ideas about bringing up a child, I guess the ego of a mother will always be there. 

Mother - Daughter Drama 
“You don’t love me anymore!”. Those were the exact words that she said to me one day, with tears running down her chubby rosy cheeks. And eventually tears were also coming out of my eyes while I was pouring my heart out in disappointment and anger. I told Kukka that if I didn’t love her, I wouldn’t waste my time and energy telling her what she’ve done wrong. That I would just let her be, doing whatever she wanted, whether it’s wrong or right. That I wouldn’t care about what’s going on with her at all. I don’t remember what happened exactly but yes, we did have that kind of argument already. And yes, the problem was not that....important #LOL 

Oh God... My relationship with Kukka as mother - daughter is getting more and more exciting every day. And, get this! In a way, our relationship also affects my relationship with Hubster. But that's another story in another time to tell ;)


wulliewullie said...

Ahhhhhhhhh... Ya ampooooooon, aku pun baru mulai merasakan deramah deramah ini sama La Luna. Good God and she is only two! Beda banget sama Titan dulu (dan sekarang) ... Kadang suka ngga sabaran :'(

Farika said...

Ahahahahahaha Wulliiiiiiiiiie!!! Group hug!!!!!