Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Best Teacher Awards

Today (almost) everybody is celebrating Teacher’s Day. In my Facebook timeline there are lots of friends who are saying or sending thank yous to their teachers. Me? I never do that because I don’t see what the big fuss is all about. But this time, I want to. In fact, I really, really want to. I want to say thank you to 2 of the best teachers I’ve ever have in my life. First I want to say thank you to:

My Mom. 

If you really knew me, you must know how much I love and admire my Mom. Not only because to me she’s the best mother in the whole universe. But she really is as a matter of fact a teacher. A very good one too. As long as I can remember, my mom has been teaching english and french almost her entire life. So it means that she dedicates her life not only to her children, but also to her students. Mom used to teach english and french at home and in big companies. But now she teaches only at home. When I was still a little girl, I used to “hang around” (read: crashing) her classes. Many times I wrote and drew stuff on the white board while Mom was busy giving lessons. Sometimes I only sat down, drawing, reading or playing while watching and listening to Mom and her students. Why? Well... I don’t know. Maybe because I didn’t have anyone else to play with?! #LOL It was fun though. Especially crashing a particular english class at home, filled with her good friends. Her students aka “Tante-Tante” are all nice and they laugh a lot. Sounded more like they were hanging out, drinking tea and coffee and enjoying snacks instead of learning a language #LOL 

And you know what?!?!? The class is still going on as we speak!! Yes! Every once a week Mom and her friends/students get together, teaching-learning english in my mom’s living room and have fun. And then once in a month when the class is over, they go out to have mie ayam or bakso in their favorite places. To me a teacher is considered to be a good one if her students are happy with the way she teaches and always looking forward to attend her class. My Mom’s english class is the best example :)

The second Best Teacher Award goes to:

My big brother. 

Eza, that’s the way I call him. He is the kind of big brother a little sister could ever wished for. Eza is caring, loving, very protective, helpful aaaaaand eventhough I’m already 39, he’s still spoiling and treating me like I’m 5yo :p I admire Eza like.... Well... There’s no words to describe my admiration to him. To me, Eza is the smartest, coolest, funniest, most handsome big brother in the whole wide world!!!!! It’s like he has answers to every question I have. Whether it’s about technology, health, science, religion, life... You name it!!! Eza knows everything!!!!! Yes!! That’s one very, very proud little sister talking! There’s a lot of things I know that I got from Eza. For example, to my bestie, Neng Keke, I’m her friend who knows a lot about technology. A techie girl so to speak. When she has problems with her phone or computer or stuff, Keke would come to me and ask me how to solve the problem. And she’s not the only one! A lot of my friends come to me and ask me about techies stuff. What they don’t know is that before I give them the answers, I ask Eza first!! HA!!! #LOL

As I mentioned before, Eza is also a very loving big brother. Not only to me, but he loves Kukka like...... Ah.... I don’t know how big his love is for my little girl. But if you see Eza’s eyes when he looks at Kukka.... The only thing you will see is love. And of course, my little girl loves and admires her Ua Eza too!!! Especially now!!! Because lately she’s been spending a lot of time with Ua Eza and learning “cool stuff” from him. Cool as in naughty!!! Like pillow fights, burping outloud, etc. Stuff that Eza used to teach me!! #LOL

So... There you go. Before this day ends, I would like to give these awards to Mom and Eza. 

Mom, there’s no single day goes by without me thanking to ALLAH for letting me have this honor to have you as my mother. I love you and only ALLAH knows how much. 

And Eza... I have no other words to say to you besides “I love you”. I will always be your “Tem Tem”. Always. 

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