Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dear Kukka: Winter... Errr... No. Lice is Coming!

Schatz... First of all don’t be angry at me for blogging about this. What I’m writing here is nothing to be ashamed of. Why? Because I think this is some kind of a phase that every kid will go through around Year 2 - Year 3. What kind of problem? Lice problem!!!! And man is this an annoying one!!!!!

It all started with you scratching your hair a lot for quite some time and I felt very sorry for you. Because you looked so annoyed and distressed. Long story short, we found lice and their eggs. Naturally I got panic because I never thought that both of us would ever have this problem. I mean come on! It’s 2016!!! I thought they extinct already or something!!! So the first thing we did was cut your hair. Too bad. Bapa was sad because he wanted you to have long hair for once. And thank God for you being born in modern age, nowadays there’s a hair salon that provides service such as lice treatment. So all you have to do is sit and watch movies while the Mbak is taking care of the lice. Me? All I have to do is pay :p You had it done in Snippet, a kids hair salon in Bintaro. I must say it’s a smart business move to have this kind of service. Very convenient for mothers like me heheh... You’ve been there 3 times already. The next thing I did was alarming the other mothers in your class. They thanked me for doing it and immediately checked their kids’ hair. So far so good. Or so I thought. 

Today Miss Anggi said she still found one walking around in your hair #gasp I mean, really???????? We’ve been to Snippet 3 times!!! I’ve also put a little bit of Peditox on your hair once for 15 minutes!!! Yet there’s still one running around????????? Arrrrrgh!!!! Must be a mutant one or something -__- Well, today you went to Snippet again and the Mbak said now there’s absolutely none. I hope she’s right. This time. For real. 

I remember when I had lice problem. I think I was also around 6 or 7 years old. Our maid (I forgot which one) was the one who took care of it. I had to use Peditox, which is very very smelly, and the maid combed my hair until the dead lice fell to the floor. She also had to run through my hair carefully to get the eggs and whenever she got an alive one, she killed it!! At that time there was no hair salon like Snippet. We had to do it at home. And just like I said, I think it’s a common problem. An extremely annoying one. 

Anyways, I hope everything is good now. I hope they all die, die, die!!! The ones in your hair AND in your friends’. If you were a boy I would’ve just shaved off your hair completely!!! But never mind that anymore. Let's take a moment and look at your new hairdo! What do you think?

I love!!! :*

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