Friday, April 01, 2016

Dear Kukka: Boys Make Good Friends

My sweetest baby girl,

By the time you read this, I would love to let you know that you and I are getting even more similar everyday. The latest “thing” is regarding friends. I’ve noticed that you’ve been playing with boys more than with your girls friends. It looks like you get along much better with boys rather than girls. And all I can say is... Well... I’m not surprised. Why? Because I also think that boys make better friends than girls. 

Why? One thing for sure: less drama. Boys tell you things as it is. They rarely act or say the opposite things about how they think or feel. Sure they like to tease you a lot but mostly it’s because they like you. Probably even a lot. That’s one of their ways to express their feelings towards you. Why is that? Well many of them don't think or even realize that showing that they actually like you and enjoy being with you could make things easier to understand. #LOL And if they don't like you, they would... Well... They will not play with you. That's it. No pretending, no talking behind your back. They will just choose other friends to play with. Which is a good thing because there's no point in being with people who doesn't like or want to be with you. But if they do like you, boys can be the best of friends you could ever have. They will help you without any hesitations or even questions. If you're lucky enough you will have friends who will be there for you, take care of you and some even comes to the point where they will be there for you and protect you, physically and emotionally. 

Another thing about boys. If you're lucky, you would meet those who are fun AND funny. Some boys can be so fun to be with and they can do or say things that can crack you up. For example I consider myself lucky because I have some friends who are so funny they make me laugh until my tummy hurts. And of course, there's Bapa. He makes us laugh so hard like a lot, right? :) I've been with him since...forever. Yet even to this day he still makes me laugh until tears coming out of my eyes. Or just like your friend, Mika. He’s been friends with you since... I’m not sure but everyday after school you tell me stories about how your day was at school. And Mika, he seems to be always “around” :) One of my favorite moments with you is before bedtime. That’s when you tell me stories about what happened at school and mostly you’re telling me stories about what you did that day with Mika. Mika this, Mika that. Like that night when you told me stories about how Mika “choked” you or that he called you “Poopy Head”. That everytime after he teases you he laughs outloud and runs away. And then you scream for help to your teachers: “Miiiiisssss! Mika said #blablabla to me!” or “Miiiiisssss! Mika did #thisandthat to me!”. But you’re telling me the stories with a happy and amused face. Many times I can't really understand you because you're telling me the stories while you're laughing. By the way I have a video recording for evidence, just in case you’re wondering if I’m making these things up :) And from the look of Mika’s worried/scared face whenever he sees me, I believe in your stories! #LOL

Anyways, another thing is (most) boys don’t whine or cry. I consider myself a very lucky mother because you are not a cry baby. Sure, you do cry. Lately more than you used to, sadly to say. Especially at school when I’m not around and with reasons that are actually pretty lame. But still. You are not an annoying and spoiled cry baby/girl. Just like your Bapa always says “Dia tuh anak baik lho!”. So maybe that’s also a reason why boys like to play with you and vice versa. Because you’re a nice and cool girl. If they tease you, you just chill, laugh and rarely cry. So you see, boys can be a good influence. Because you play with them a lot? :p 

By the way I’m talking about most boys, okay?! Not all of them behave the same way. Some boys are cry babies too. Especially overprotected and spoiled ones. And grown-ups? Well... Men are another thing! #LOL We can talk about them later when you’re................................................................17? :p

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