Wednesday, June 22, 2016


40 years I’ve been living!!! What a life it has been! From the moment I was born to the second I typed the last word on this blogpost, 40 years later. 40 special years. Yes, friends. It's passed midnight. So I guess I could claim that today is  officially my 40th birthday. Horray. Does it feel special? Well... define “special”. 

Contrary to some people’s belief, if not the birthday celebration itself, I think at least you yourself have to believe that your life IS special. That what has happened to you is special. That YOU ARE special. Yes, other people experience the same or even worse things than you. So what??? It doesn’t mean you're not allowed to think that you are special. So do I think I’m special? Yes. I do. 

But this time I’m not feeling any kind of... Hype. It’s a special day but there’s no excitement. It feels like... Another year has just passed by. It’s kind of sad, actually. Since I think I’ve always feel excited when it comes to celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and stuff. But not this time. Does it have to do with being 40? 

Talking about special. I think considering that you yourself are special has significant effects. And to me personally it has 2 different meanings and effects. Special in a good way and in a bad way. The bad way is that I feel especially less. Worthless. Unlucky. Miserable. Lost. Unattractive. Clingy. Unworthy. Vengeful. Unwanted. I also feel that 40 years has passed just like that. In fact, in some ways I feel like my life is going back and forth. That it has a certain cycle. And this time I’m currently at the bottom. Or not?

Then again... Being 40, after all the drama I’ve been through and some are still on going, ALLAH SWT. has given me another chance to live. Not everybody is as lucky as me. I do believe that. So I think it’s pretty safe to say that I AM SPECIAL. Which means I’m also currently... at the top? Confused? Tell me about it!!!!!!

And also that at this age I have a healthy and smart 7 year old daughter whom I love to the moon and back. And she loves me too. Very much. That’s what she keeps telling me everyday. While hugging and kissing me. So... I MUST BE SPECIAL to have earned this honor and responsibility to take care of such a beautiful human being from ALLAH SWT. And with all the ups and downs that every human being has and will go through, I'm still here. Surviving. No. Enjoying.  

And the list goes on and on and it turns out there are too many things to mention. Good... No. Great things. But the bottom line is this: 

I am special. 
And I'm thanking you for making me feel this way. 
Yes, you. 

And YOU, of course. 
My Great and Almighty. 
Thank You.


Keke Husain said...

Foto kita gak ada yang lebih lawas lagi? Itu kan waktu kita ke Bangkok! :))

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