Friday, April 27, 2018

Who Do You Think You Are?

"Sekali ini aja kok!" or "Just this once!"

This 'magic' sentence... The one you say in moments when you actually think you are God. You think you can control what will, is, and going to happen. 

An innocent and curious child who thinks that putting his hand inside a cage full of dogs won't hurt him. That no dog will bite him. But who knows??? - A woman lets her friend kiss her for old time sake. Just this once. She will not let anything happen further than a harmless kiss. But who knows??? - A man gets drunk and drives his car afterwards. Nothing ever happens before. So he's sure that he'll arrive safely at home. But who knows???

"Who knows?" 

I'm not saying that you should live in fear, that you should worry all the time and end up doing nothing, or not going anywhere anymore. Just like that boy Oskar Schell in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close movie. It just amazes me really. How some people think of themselves above everybody else. Which makes it even worse, she/he thinks above The One who created her/him. Just because she wears a hijab. Or he has dark spots on his forehead. Or she goes to the church more often than others. And so on and so on. No. That's not a guarantee. A sinful man who gives his last rupiah to the poor could be the one who'll enjoy heaven. While the man who goes to the mosque everyday but treats other people like shit will end up in hell. Human. The most intelligent and somewhat arrogant being ALLAH SWT has created. Obviously intentionally. Because why would HE give the complete package only to us: a brain to think, a heart to feel, and a mind to decide. Heaven or hell. Where you will end up is affected by what you do and for ALLAH SWT to decide. Yes. I'll write it again: it's totally up to The Almighty. Not you. So don't you even bother to act like you are god. It just makes you like an idiot instead.

Ah what am I saying! This is a complicated random thought that I just have to write down :)) I'm not sure why I'm thinking about these things. I guess... It's because the older I get, the more people I meet!!! Humans are complicated!!! Men. Women. Young and old. You think you know them but then... BOOM!!! Something happens which makes you think "What. The. Fuck???" And just like that you lose the trust, the respect or the love you used to have for that certain person. And also from those who you think were and would always be there for you. Perfect timing too. Just when I was trying to be more "social"...

I guess at the end of the day since The Almighty give me the ability to heal myself it’s just me. The one who can mend my own broken heart. Me, myself and only me.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

What Did I Do To You?

Did I do something bad? 
Did I hurt your feelings?
Did I break your heart?
Did I do stupid things?
Did I turn a blind eye to your friendly gestures?
Did I reply your sincere hello with a fake smile?

For all the yes or even a slight nod, please let me apologize.
I must have been so stupid or too foolish to realize.
How much pain a word can effect somebody's feeling.
That it can even break someone else's heart. 
Yours to be precise.

There's nothing I can offer other than regrets.
I'm taking my share by feeling the ache. 
I'll begin with saying "I'm sorry."
Let me mend our precious bond back.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

'Til We Meet Again, Sentosa

Big sigh. 

I've spent hours... No. Days! To manage this trip. From where to stay, where to go, what places to visit, until what TIME to do all those things. Completed with hour-minute! I've wrote the list on papers, saved it on my iPhone & iPad. BUT of course at the end it's all useless. Planning doesn't work that well in this little family of ours :))

Okay let me start with where we went for Kukka's midterm break & Hubster's birthday. Resorts Sentosa Island. Why? I'm not so sure... I think it was because we couldn't go too far because of Hubster's working schedule. Lots of things were uncertain so we decided to go somewhere...familiar. So Sentosa - Singapore it is! We stayed from March 26th - 29th at Equarius Sentosa Hotel. Totally recommended. It has great service, beautiful view & our bedroom turned out to be better than expected. The breakfast was kinda boring though. It was delicious but everyday it has the same menu. So if you do want to stay at this hotel, consider to have breakfast outside since there are lots of great places to eat.

Something hilarious happened when we came to the hotel. After everything was settled, the receptionist congratulated Hubster on his upcoming birthday, which was the next day. But then the guy apologized for not being able to accomodate my request. You see... A day before we flew to Singapore I sent an e-mail to the hotel & requested to have a birthday cake, complete with a lighted candle, sent to our room at exactly 00:00/midnight/March 27th. When the receptionist mentioned it Hubster was like "What?" He was confused. As for me? I practically screamed "NOOOOOO!!!! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SURPRISE!!!!!" Hubster & I bursted into laughter & the receptionist guy was... :))) Oh man! I still remember how his expression was! LOL LOL LOL!!!! His mouth was opened, his eyes confused & .... In short he was bewildered :)))) After that he kept apologizing whenever we met in the hotel area. The receptionist said "I'm so sorry!" like thousand times! LOL LOL LOL!!! I said it's okay but I have to admit I was kind of disappointed. The birthday cake was supposed to be a substitute of the birthday present which was left behind at home. Why was it at home? Because when we left to Singapore, it wasn't delivered yet!!!! :))) 

THIS is my birthday present for SiBapa. We've been together for sooo many years & celebrated many birthdays together I simply didn't have any ideas anymore. Then one day I came up with this mug idea & I am pretty happy about it :)) Why? Well... Because whenever Hubs uses this mug, he will see my opinion about what kind of husband he is to me. Still sexy. Yet the older he gets, the grumpiest he becomes :p But the fact that the receptionist ruined the way I was going to give the present to Hubs was quite disappointing. And that's not all!!!! I made a mistake! When I ordered the mug, I wrote the age 43 instead of 42!!! Oh man! So sorry ya Baps :D But anyways... Let bygones be bygones! Right?!? LOL!!! LOL!!!!  

As for the holiday itself... It was fun. It rained quite often but we still enjoyed it. We went to lots places such as the Universal Studios, S.E.A Aquarium, ... And others! But I must say my favorite part of the holiday was when we went to Skyline Luge. You see... Ever since I got sick I'm not allowed to drive a car anymore. It's too bad because I do enjoy driving a car. Well... It IS understandable. I mean... What if I suddenly get a seizure while driving? :D But back to Luge. It is, in their own words, is a "unique wheeled gravity cart". And yes! Just like its' tagline says "Once is never enough". It was so fun we did it twice! First time through the Jungle Trail & then the Dragon Trail. Too bad we didn't buy the pictures which were automatically taken by the cameras on the trails :(( I think I already screamed perfectly when my cart drove passed the cameras... For the Luge experience I have to thank Hubster. At first I hesitated but my babies talked me into it. It turned out to be more fun than the cable car ride. Anyways... We had so much fun in Sentosa, it would take me forever to write the experience here. At the end of the day I just want to thank ALLAH SWT for giving me the chance to spend such a lovely time with the loves of my life. 

And for you, Muniku... Happy 42nd birthday! And thank you for everything. :*