Tuesday, January 05, 2010


No, this post is not about my new year’s resolution. Come to think of it, I never make any kind of resolution. It’s only January 5th 2010 but already big things are happening in my life.

This month we will be spending our last days in our little house in Emerald Townhouse AA-56. Because in Feb, we will be staying at my brother in law’s house in Kota Wisata for a couple of months. Cibubur... That should be an adventure :D After that, insya Allah when it's ready, we will move into our new lovely home at Emerald Garden. Can’t hardly wait for that!

What else? Oh yeah, we also bought a new car! It’s a family car and our first “brand new” car. I’m so excited! I already imagine driving it and taking Kukka for a spin. Well, actually it’s the driver who drives but it’s totally the same thing :p

Another big thing is my baby is getting bigger, obviously :) So big she refuses to be breastfed & pick a chocolate UHT milk instead :D So that’s one more big thing for me. I no longer breastfeed Kukka. It’s sad but to think that I had the privilege to give her ASI for 1.5 years, I could only be grateful :)

Kukka is way smarter than I thought. She picks things up like new words easily. I keep reminding my husband to watch his language around Kukka coz she could imitate the word just like that! I think it wouldn’t be long until the words that are coming out of her mouth have real meanings :D

As for my other half, he’s also doing great. He’s making cool & funny ads (another one will be on air on Jan 7th), he’s healthy & I do think he’s happy. I like the fact that he’s having fun at work. But why I love him even more is that he also love to spend time with his wife & daughter. Whenever he has the time, he chooses us. Well, actually he chooses to be with Kukka but since she & I are a package, that doesn’t give him any choice :p

Oh, my sister also plays a big part in making my 2010 fun :) She came to visit us all the way from Canada. I’m trying to spend lots of time with her since I’m no longer tied up with office hours. Yesterday we went to Sukabumi to visit our grandma. That was a fun road trip. I’m looking forward to spend more time with her until Jan 15th.

Only one thing that makes me sad tho. 2 days ago my dad was submitted to the hospital & he is still there. He’s doing great but still... It’s a heartbreaking sight to see him lying on the hospital bed. If he wasn’t sick, he would be in Senayan City or Pacific Place, enjoying life by eating plates of delicious sushi at Sushi Tei. I can only pray that he will be healthy again. Maybe Kukka & I should take him out for a lunch at Sushi Tei. He would love that. He always lights up when he sees Kukka.

It’s only Jan 5th but big things are happening as I speak. Alhamdulillah...

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DeeDee said...

good to hear this, mbak! although it saddens me knowing that we will no longer be neighbors in hell.. hihihih... btw, i haven't made any writings about my 2010 trailer forecast. :p