Saturday, March 06, 2010


That day, your warm hand held mine so tightly the entire night. Your eyes sparkled so bright and lively. Just like those fireworks we’ve managed to light up the dark sky. And then under the bright full moon, you sang me a song with your mesmerizing voice. You were smiling the whole time. Oh God knows how I love your smile! I still remember how that heart-melting smile curled perfectly on the face of a man I adore so much.

It was a perfect day. It was the day we got married. And I thought it was the happiest day of my life. But it wasn’t.

The happiest day of my life is when I wake up, it’s you who I see beside me.
The happiest day of my life is when I look at you together with our beautiful child.
The happiest day of my life is when I hold you & hear your heart beats peacefully.

Happy 6th Anniversary, my love.
Know that the happiest day of my life is whenever I’m with you.


pritameani said...

Ai ... ai ... so sweet ....

Happy Anniversary!

Lho, dah enam tahun, toh?

dinda said...

ah, mine will be next two weeks, and i still don't have a plan! blaahhh!!!