Friday, March 12, 2010

I Love You Today

Ulang taun pernikahan taun ini tergolong “menyedihkan”. Karena Ica lagi sibuuuk banget! Pas hari H malah nginep di Anyer gara-gara shooting. Waktu aku curhat bahwa 6 Maret taun ini ngga asik, Ica bilang kan masih akan ada 50 6 Maret lainnya. Kalo aku ngeluh soal beginian, Ica sering pake jawaban model begitu. Masih ada X ulang taun yang bisa kita rayain bareng lah, masih ada 50 taun kita bisa sama-sama lah, masih ada 100 liburan bareng lah & sejenisnya. Yang cewe kedengeran tukang komplen & cengeng, yang cowo tukang ngegombal :D

Now this shows how different sometimes Ica & I can be. Terlepas dari gombal ato ngga (or it’s his only way to shut her wife up :p), Ica itu lebih “pede” soal masa depan. Sementara aku serba parnoan. I have this tendency to remind myself constantly that we won’t live forever. That death is just around the corner. Depressing? Yeah, maybe :)) And FYI, this is not my first blog post about death. Read this if you’re in the mood for some heavy thinking ;))

I say, live like there’s no tomorrow! Never forget to tell “I love you” to the people you love. Call your mother & have a nice chat. Take your dad to places he likes. Text your brothers & sisters that you miss them. Trace every corner of your daughter’s face & whisper the very best of prayers a mother can give to her child. Hug & kiss your soulmate as if you would never have the chance to do it later.

And no, babe. This is not me whining about how we couldn’t spend our 6th anniversary together. For today, this is simply another way of mine to say:



cronatic said...

hiks hiks hiks .. nyooo nyooooo... terharuuu

rhuriko said...

h, kamu nulisnya pake hati banget yah... *sambil berusaha enggak larut sedih*