Friday, January 06, 2012

Downward Spiral

In my down days I often wonder. Just basic stuff, really. Like this never ending questions about why bad things happen to good people and bad people often get what they want. Then there’s why there are some who have to pay a really high price until the day they die for some mistakes that they’ve done a long time ago. There’s also a question why some have to live in despair for the rest of their lives because of somebody else’s mistake. And why there are persons who posed as the innocence yet they’re exactly the ones who rip other people’s hearts. 

Or... The really super basic of them all: why life can be such a cliche and so hard sometimes. So hard that it makes the problem seems so surreal. It’s like you’re in a daze. Your surrounding is spinning around and all the colors in the world are almost fading. And you feel like you’re floating. Not ghostly kind of floating. But more like a smoke. If somebody was there to catch you, he couldn’t. You can’t be saved because it’s like you’re there but not exactly here. But then, seconds later you’re back. With good and hard smack on the head. And heart. 

And then your heart starts to bleed again. Back to reality.

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