Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear Kukka: It's about life

Dear Kukka, 

I know you’re only 3.6 years old now. Far too young to learn about life. But who knows? Maybe by the time you read this, you’d be in the perfect age to know a little bit more about life. 

My sweet girl... From the day you were born... No, let me rephrase that. From the day the idea of having you in my life was in my head and set in my heart, you’ve been very fortunate and blessed with so much love. So far you’re living an easy and happy life. Perhaps the only bad moments that you have are the times when I get tough on you and I don’t always give you the things that you want. But one day you’ll thank me for it. Trust me. 

In short, you’re living the toddler’s dream, baby. 

But soon, my precious, your life might start to change. You’ll see that there are times when you can’t see the slightest ray of sunlight or even the so called silver lining in your dark sky. You’ll realize that there are actually some people who want to hurt you, strangers or sadly, even loved ones. There will be days when you discover ugly truths about your friends and families. You’ll also make mistakes, big and small, and some people might ended up hating you for it. Then sadly, there will be times when I, your mother, whose life is dedicated only for you, will not be able to help you or be there for you. Then you’ll realize that nobody is perfect. Not even your parents. Then you’ll get your heart broken and you’ll be drown in tears.

Now that’s when you’ll find out that life is not always a bed of roses. That, my little Godsend, is what you called simply a LIFE. The full package of laughters, tears and bitter-sweet ironies. 

So, as much as I want to, I can’t and won’t promise you that life will always be easy. I can’t even promise you that I will always be there for you. The only thing I can do is to promise you that my love for you will never change. It will be as enormous and overwhelming as right now. And if for some reasons it did change, I assure you my love for you would only be greater. 

There is one more thing that I can promise you though. That if for some reasons I could not help you and be there for you in any way, know that Allah SWT will. 



Neng Keke said...

Sweet yet sad :(

Farika said...

It is... :)

Suryani Halim said...

Very meaningfull and great note this note so much..thank you for inspiring me too

Hendrawan Wahyudianto said...


Erna Nurwulandari said...

Huhuhuhuhu, melow bacanya....Hugs..

Anonymous said...

"..condition things are impermanent..
..experience them with mindfulness & wisdom..
..then harmonious mind will appear become stronger..

May All beings be Happy =) "

dinda said...

baru aja blogwalking, dan...

*ngusap air mata*

dear kukka, if you read this at some point, believe me: you are a really really really lucky girl.

*usap air mata lagi*