Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To You, You and You.

Yes, you. 

I know you've been reading my blog. Thank you. I appreciate your interest in my life and I hope you've been entertained by my writings. 

Well, actually I do know for a fact that you like my writings. Not intend to be a cocky bitch here, really. But since you copy-pasted my lines in your Twitter account, in your bio, and only God knows where else, you must like them very much. So much you treated them as if they were your original ideas, your personal life and experiences. What the fuck?!?!? Seriously.

ORIGINAL. Do you know what it means? 

You know, there's a section below every post where you can drop me a comment or two. Just tell me that you like my writings and ask for permission to post some of the lines in your Twitter or anywhere else. With credit, of course. Simply put my name next to it or the url if you're in the mood to be more respectful. That, my youngsters, is the right thing to do. Ask. Don't steal. Don't cheat. 

Nobody likes a thief. And everybody surely hates a cheater.


wulliewullie said...

siapa siy friki? do u know u can actually use statcounter.com to track where else she / he has pasted ur lines? anyways, i had the same experience too back then. but ... hwell... ya gitulah. susah proteknya :(

Farika said...

Heheh ada lah bocah2 ababil gitu, Wullie :)

Anonymous said...

farika if you hate a cheater you should know one my dear, I buzz you

Farika said...

Hard to hear your "buzz" if you're anonymous