Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Kukka - Another Milestone

Congratulations, babycakes! You did it again! You’ve reached another milestone, another first. Your first sleepover without your parents. Never once I have a doubt that you couldn’t do it. I always knew you’ve always been ready. It’s the people around you who weren’t. But you’ve shown them that you were not a trouble at all :)

You’ve spent a night with Opa and Neti, uncles, aunties and cousins. You’ve shown them your sweetness and independence. I’m so proud of you. I know you did it because you love and enjoy being with your family. I’m grateful for that. 

Family is everything, babycakes. Remember that. They’re the ones who love you. Eventhough sadly, you might find it along the way that their actions don’t seem like it. Some might hurt you, some might ignore you. Some make mistakes because of their ignorance and stupidity. But you’ll learn to understand and forgive them. That’s what being in a family is. Love each other and except their flaws, as they hopefully will do the same for you. 

As for me, I said it once or twice and I will say it a thousand times more. I love you no matter what and I’m proud in everything you do since the first day Allah created you. I’m proud of your cries, your smiles, your singings, your dancings, your anwers, your questions, your protests, your angers. Your everything. 

But then again, I AM your mother. It's simply because you are MY everything.

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