Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Ways To Heaven. Or Hell.

I believe in payback time. As much as many times I wanted it to happen now, I believe that if not, it will happen in the afterlife. That’s why I believe in heaven. As strongly as I believe that there is a hell. And to get to one of those places, you’d need a ticket. Or two. Or even more. These kind of tickets will never be sold out. As long as you live, tickets to heaven or hell will be handed to you. The tickets could come in many forms. It could come in a form of a sickness, a grief over a loss of someone you love, a betrayal or a person. Each ticket offers different routes and will determine the classes you’ll ended up in.

I can’t imagine anyone would want to go to hell. But if you do, the ticket to get there is cheap and easy. Perfect for cheap and easy persons who would give away their dignities to get or steal other people’s belongings. If you wanted to go to hell, you don’t need a lot of time to think things through. Because really, whatever your urge is telling you what to do, just do it. Doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, hurtful to others or not, harmful to yourself or others. Just do it. You’d get what you wanted, quick and easy and quite possibly, fun and exciting. If your actions then created some problems, like well... Ruin other people’s life? Don’t you worry. There’s another easy route to get out of the problem: Ignorance. You’ll be on the express lane to hell. 

And like any other ticket to high end places, the ticket to heaven will be of course, very pricey and many times really difficult to achieve. How expensive, you ask? Price is of course, a very subjective matter. While cheap is cheap, what’s expensive to me might be nothing to you. And you could always try to negotiate because I don't think it's a sin, as long as you do it reasonably. I guess the price also depends on which routes you choose, what you do while you’re on the journey and how you deal with the obstacles you’ll find along the way. The more you pay, the better the seat. Or the bed. Or the house. Or whatever it is you can get in heaven. 

I believe life is full of choices. I choose to take the expensive ticket that has been offered to me lately and carefully paying it bit by bit eventhough the price is dragging me slowly to the bottomless part of the earth. Why? Simply because heaven is where I want to be. 

Insya Allah. 

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