Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dear Kukka - Guess Who

Every time I look at you I see the word “beautiful”. 
And then I smile.
Every time I hear your voice I capture the word “mesmerizing”. 
And then I smile.
Every time I hold you tight I feel the word “love”. 
And then I smile.

But then I cry.

I cry for all the fear and pain you had gone through. 
I cry for all the evil-doings and heartbreaks some people have done to you.
I cry for the past, the present and the future. 

If only I could take you to a place where you can always be safe and loved, where you will never know the word hate or experience any heartbreaks, where you have one particular person who you can count on forever...

And then I smile again. 

No, I still can’t take you to that place. But I do have someone who will love you unconditionally. A certain someone who will fight with all her might to protect you, your rights and your existence. A person who will take all the blame and the shame so you wouldn’t have to carry any guilt. Yes, I do have someone you can always count on. 

It’s the very same person whose life has forever changed since the second you’ve been born. 

Your mother. 


Anonymous said...

farika I buzzed you please respond :)

Farika said...

Sorry who are you again?? Where did you buzz me?

Anonymous said...


Farika said...

Oh sorry :) I never turn on my FB Chat

Anonymous said...

message farika abis gw bingung contact loe gimana, dah buka belom yak, u know me kok :)

Farika said...

Hahahah! Oh gitu.. Wah ngga ada tuh! Message ke Inbox FB kan maksudnya?