Friday, June 14, 2013

Goodbye Reception Junior C

Oh where do I start? Where do I begin? Too many happy things to share, yet also some sad events to share. 

You see, today is Kukka’s last day as a Junior in Sekolah Cikal. Some of you might remember my previous post about her first days in her then-new school. Well, what do you know... Time flies. A school year has passed. It’s time to say goodbye to Kukka’s beloved teachers, Ms. Julie and Ms. Irine, and her RJC friends. 

It’s an emotional farewell. Not only for the children, but also for the mothers. I was fortunate enough to have such devoted teachers like Ms. Julie and Ms. Irine for Kukka. They understood her and seemed genuinely cared for her. Kukka’s progress through the year has been nothing but up. And I have the lovely teachers to thank for. I can only hope that Kukka will have new teachers with the same devotion, if not more, like these two ladies. 

And her classmates... It’s pretty amazing to see how they all clicked with Kukka. The chemistry between them was great. I hope it will stay that way because they will see each other again. They might not share the same class anymore, but they surely will share the same playground :)

So I guess the adventure continues. New experiences will be gained and fresh stories will be shared. 

Welcome, Reception Senior :)

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