Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear Kukka: Happy 5th Birthday!

Whenever I feel weak
I look at your energetic self

Whenever I feel angry
I learn from your purity and innocence 

Whenever I feel unworthy
I drown myself in your hugs 

Whenever I feel unloved
I hear your sweet voice whispering “I love you, Bubu”

I am strong. I am calm. I am worthy. I am definitely loved. 

And it’s all because Allah SWT. have sent me an angel, exactly 5 years ago today. 

Happy 5th birthday, Precious Godsend!

You are my pillar of strength and my inspiration
My pride and my joy
My love of my life

My unconditional love and never-ending prayers are with you. 

Forever and always.


Meli Wardani said...

Happy bday Kukka dear

IndonesianCrafts&BatikShop said...

Kukka Dear, you are like sugar, never too sweet. Without them, though, life would be tasteless. You make our life so sweet. Happy birthday, sweetie!, love, aki doddi

Farika said...

Thank you Tante Meli

Farika said...

Thank you :* And she called you Papah, btw :))