Friday, August 02, 2013

I love you. Goodbye.

Papah & I, taken 2 months ago at RS Harum Medika
So many "if only"s 
And unfulfilled wishes
Too many regrets
And words left unsaid

Not enough memories
And too little time

For once I truly understand why some people wish they 
could turn back the time

For once I really get 
what I had 
But sadly not until it was 
too late

Not until he is gone

Yet I know I am and also will forever be grateful 
Because Allah gave me a last chance to be with him
I held his hands, kissed his cheeks 
Whispered prayers and I love yous to his ears

Until the very end

Goodbye, Papah
Allah loves you too much, He wants you back
I love you too but I love it even more knowing that 
you are now in the most wonderful place

By Allah SWT.'s side


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Anonymous said...

Tehh.. Put this blog entry ϑî buku yassin tuk 40 harian.