Friday, October 11, 2013

Good morning, Tooth Fairy

Yesterday was a big day for my precious Godsend and I. She lost her first baby tooth. And how convenient! It happened just when she started to be fascinated by the Tooth Fairy from the movie The Rise of the Guardians. She had been asking me again and again with the same question for days: “When will my tooth fall out? If it falls, will the Tooth Fairy come to my house?” 

Well, it happened. So this morning I put 5 Rp 1000,- coins and 5 chocolate coins under her pillow. Each represents the year of her age, 5 years old (and 3 months). I woke her up and whispered that she should check to see if the Tooth Fairy came last night. Still with her eyes closed she lifted up her pillow. And then I saw that cute mouth of hers curved into a faint happy smile, still with extremely sleepy eyes :)) She looked at them, counted, took a chocolate coin and grinned at me 

“Can I eat this now???” 

OF COURSE! Why would she care about the Rp 5000 worth of coins??? Chocolate coins are sooo much better :)))

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