Thursday, June 12, 2014


Sometimes I wonder... 

If I stopped wishing for my dreams to come true, 
does it mean that I don’t want them anymore? 

If I stopped asking for certain things to change, 
does it mean that I don’t care if they remain the same?

If I stopped praying for better things to come, 
does it mean that I’m not scared by the bad ones?

If I stopped begging all together, 
does it mean that I’m giving up?

While my heart says, and I do think it's true...

I stop wishing because I realize that 
what I think is right for me, might not be the best for me after all. 

I stop asking because I realize that 
You know what I need, what I should have and what I should be doing.

I stop praying because I realize that 
whatever happens, it’s for my own good. 

I stop begging because I realize that 
You know I’m actually not giving up. 

I'm simply surrendering myself to You. 

Only You. 

Because it's Your love that matters
Because it's Your words that matter
Because it's Your blessing that matters

No one else's. 

Only Yours. 

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