Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dear Kukka: Congratulations!

Throw your graduation caps in the air!! You are now officially a first-grader!!

My SiBaiyi! 
My baby girl! 
My chubby cheeks! 
My love, my life, my love of my life!

Oh, my, it's sooo surreal! I knew you would grow up but not this fast! It seems like it was just yesterday when I took you to your first day of preschool. And now you're graduating from Kindergarten already! Next month I'll be taking you to the "big kids" class. That's how you are referring to the Primary kids. The "kaka" or the "big kids". Well, what do you know... You are a kaka now yourself, kiddo :) No, not high school yet. I don't understand why you are so eager to get to high school. Almost everyday you asked me "Am I going to high school after the holiday??" ELEMENTARY, Kukka. And then you still have to go to junior high first (THANK GOD!). 

I have so many prayers for you. Too many to write actually. So I will just keep it to myself for now and tell ALLAH all about it later :) But I do want to say something to you. Nothing new, really. You probably are bored hearing about it already. But.... Here goes...

I'm so proud of you, my darling girl. 
So so proud. I feel sooooo much pride it feels like my chest is about to explode. I'm proud of what you have achieved and what you have become. 

I love you, my precious godsend. 
So so much. I love you sooooo much it feels like I need to invent a new word for love. Because what I feel for you is so much more. 

And I am ready. I'm ready to take you to your new adventure. I'm ready to guide you whenever you need me to. I'm ready to give you hints about how to handle different types of people you're going to meet. I'm ready to show you more about life. Just don't ask me about Math. Ever. Other than that, bring it on! 

Let's have more fun, babycakes! :*

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