Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Today I shed some tears again. A lot actually. And I still do. Why? Because I'm beyond happy. I feel so blessed. My long-awaited breakfast session with my girls was already great. But when my lovely friends gave me a 6-days-early birthday surprise, it turned out to be perfect. No, it's not about the present. And yes, of course like always, the present is perfect and very well-thought. Oh I know how the birthday-present-brainstorming is going in this group :)) I can only imagine how funny and super rempong it must have been. But no....

It's the attention my lovely friends are giving me. 
It's the time they've spent thinking about me. 
It's the love they're showering me.

From their thoughts, from their words, from their hearts. 

Thank you so much, my dear, dear friends.
No words can describe how I feel.
But I think the amount of tears I'm shedding right now 
is more meaningful than any word I can ever say.

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