Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dear Friend,

Yesterday a very dear friend asked me how he could make me smile to get through the days. Unthinkable days, as he called it. I asked why he asked in the first place. He said because he couldn’t imagine how hard my days must be. “It is hard, isn’t it?”, he asked. There I was. Being silent for a couple of minutes. Thinking of an answer. 

Finally I said, I don’t know. I’m not sure. How come, how is it possible, he asked again. You're going through something unthinkable, he said. Something that nobody would ever think of having. Well, that’s true, I said. And then I finally came up with an answer. 

I said to my friend, I think somebody once told me that I am not special. That what I’m having right now is not something extra ordinary. Because somebody out there, somewhere, is suffering worse than me. Somebody who lost one of his arms or legs, somebody who couldn’t wake up at all, or somebody who lost his ability to control some parts of his body. And then I said to my friend, compare to those conditions, what I’m having right now is....nothing. 

My friend was upset. He didn’t agree with me and asked me not to think that way. Because what I’m suffering he said, IS something. It IS hard. It IS, for healthy people, unimaginable. I smiled. 

Well............. If he put it that way, yes. It IS hard. But when I think about how many unfortunate people out there who are suffering more than me.... Well.... I guess I’m lucky. Very lucky. 

At least I still have my family and friends. At least I still have the ability to speak up my mind and control most part of my body. At least I still can afford to go to the doctor and get the best treatment possible. At least I still have.......... You.

My friend kept quiet. He didn't say anything. He didn't argue with me anymore. But he said "I still don't agree with you. But as long as you're happy..." And then he smiled. And then I smiled. 

And YOU... Thank you for reading my post. I hope you are here because you care. Or at least curious about how I am doing. See. I am blessed :)

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I guess perspective is everything. Cheers.