Monday, August 10, 2015


I don't intend to sound cocky here... But why do I feel that since I got sick, I think that the German-language wire in my brain keeps on zapping. Many times when I talk, there's one or two German words slipping in the sentences. Sometimes I can not even find the Indonesian or english word for it. I have to think hard. I even have to close my eyes while doing it. Just to find the correct Indonesian or english term for something that I am going to say. Sometimes I succeed. I wonder if the person who is talking to me realize it or not. Because sometimes I fail...

I like to read more articles in German language. I even intend to ask friends of mine in Germany and Austria to send me some German novels. Easy ones of course. Because my German language skill is actually not that spectacular. So far I have only one novel. The one I bought when we went to Austria years ago. A German chicklit so to say. And now I keep reading it again and again. Even though I already finished it. I think. 

I've been googling German language movies and tv serials. So far I haven't find one that I could watch online. I think I have to ask my friends too... I like to watch Deutsche Welle now more than CNN or BBC. Lucky me we have those channels at home. And to make it even more intense, lately I’ve been communicating with someone in Vienna, who is very very dear to me. We could chat in Messenger or replying comments in Facebook for hours. Odd hours of course. Since there’s a 5-7 hours time difference between Jakarta - Vienna. So when I’m awake, he’s still asleep. Or when I’m about to sleep, he’s having his lunch. :))

Anyway I don’t think this is a problem. At least I don’t see it as a big one. Right??? Maybe it’s even a good thing. Maybe I could use this odd situation as an opportunity to teach my daughter German language. Simple one of course. Although so far she’s against it when I mentioned that idea. Hiks... I will keep trying though... Since I already accidentally mention one or two German words to her while we are talking. And when I do, she would asked me “What did you say, Bubu??? It sounds so weird!” 

I told her that if she learned German, we could share secrets. Secrets that we don’t want Bapa to know. And while we’re doing it, we wouldn’t have to hide from him because he wouldn’t understand it anyway. Oh wouldn’t that be fun?!?! Having girl-talks. In German language. Anywhere. :)))

So far I haven’t succeed. I’m not giving up though. In the mean time I will try to sharpen my German language skill even more. Wish me luck!!! 

Or should I say, Wünsch mir Glück!! ;)


Sikander Iqbal said...

Have you watched "Das Leben der Anderen" ?

Good movie!

Farika said...

HI! :)
Not yet but thanks for the suggestion!!!