Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Boyfriends Matter

Lately my smart little Godsend has been asking - talking about the same thing again and again. I don’t know where this subject is coming from but Kukka has been asking me about boyfriends. Yes. BOYFRIENDS. MY boyfriends. Well, EXES of course :))) 

It started with a simple convo. Well... It wasn’t THAT simple actually... One day Kukka asked me out of the blue:

K : Bubu, Bapa was your boyfriend, right?!
B : Well, yes he was!
K : And then you and Bapa got married and then you are Bapa’s wife.
B : .....Yes.... #startworrying
K : Did you have other boyfriends before Bapa?
B : ...........Why....do you......want to.......know??? 
K : I just do. 

Another day when I was checking my Facebook:

Kukka : Who’s that, Bubu? #lookingatphotoinFB
Bubu : Oh that’s my friend in Vienna. He was my boyfriend when I was young, you know. 
K : Oh, okay. But now you’re with Bapa because you and your boyfriend break up, right?!

BREAK UP????? BREAK UP????? HOW THE HECK DOES A 7YO KID KNOWS THE TERM “BREAK UP”??????? Okay, okay it’s my fault! I was the one who brought up the boyfriend part but...but... BREAK UP?????

One afternoon in the car on the way home:

K : So, Bubu. I want to talk about your boyfriend.
B : WHAT???? WHY?????
K : I think you had a lot of boyfriends. So it means that you broke up a lot of times. And then you met Bapa and you didn’t break up with him because Bapa marry you. 
B : Wwwwwwwwwwhat???? Why do you think I had a lot of boyfriends???
K : I just do. #whispering So, Bubu.... Don’t tell Bapa that you broke up with so many boyfriends, okay?! 
B : #speechless

And then the question got more intense when one afternoon Kukka asked:

K : You need to get married to have a baby, right, Bubu?? You can’t have a baby if you’re not married. I have to get married first. Right?? If I want a baby? Bapa married you and then you have me. Right?! I don’t think I want a baby. I don’t want the doctor to cut my tummy. That’s where babies come from, right?! 


And these kind of questions didn’t just end there. There were a lot of others. Similar ones. And NO. The questions are not about S E X. Yet. THANK GOD!!! :)) But it does get more intense. I’ve always noticed that my girl is a super curious one... But I didn’t know these kind of questions would come this...soon. 

Aaaaaaaaaaand I don’t mean to be “superstitious” or anything like it buuuut there’s something else I’ve noticed. These boyfriends questions come right by the time I started to have contact with my ex boyfriends :)))) It’s so weird. It’s like Kukka is trying to remind me or something. That I HAD boyfriends but NOW I’m MARRIED to her BAPA. So, it’s like she’s warning me: “Don’t do anything stupid, Bubu!!” :)))) 

I know, I know. It’s nonsense. It’s dumb. But that thought did cross my mind. I don’t know what else to think. What I should do actually is ask her what she think a boyfriend is. And what does “break up” mean. Maybe the concepts that she has in her mind are different than mine. Ours. It could be more harmless. Maybe it’s just me who got too panicky. Maybe I should just ignore her questions. Or maybe.... I don’t know. 

What do you think???


Theresia Warsito said...

Your boyfriendSsssss? So we are talking plural lol

Farika said...

Hahahahahahahahah!!! Hey! I was young back then! And flirty (read: slutty)